Keiichi Yamamoto and Mihime Nishino “31 years old difference in marriage” – The temperature difference between the excited Gundan Yamamoto and the people around him. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Keiichi Yamamoto and Mihime Nishino “31 years old difference in marriage” – The temperature difference between the excited Gundan Yamamoto and the people around him.

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Keiichi Yamamoto of “Gokurakutombo” announced his marriage to Miki Nishino, a former member of AKB48.

Keiichi Yamamoto of the comedy duo “Gokurakutombo” and Miki Nishino, a former member of AKB48, got married in a blitz.

The announcement was made on November 22, “Good Marriage Day. The age difference is a whopping 31 years.

The two co-starred in ABEMA’s program “Gokuraku Tombo no Time Limit. In 2008, Nishino said

In 2008, Nishino was the instigator of a project called “What if my boyfriend was Keiichi Yamamoto, who is 31 years older than me?

and from there, they grew closer to each other. Nishino’s father is six years younger than Yamamoto, and his mother is three years younger.

However, on the Internet, along with the voices of congratulation, there were also comments such as

But while some people on the Internet congratulated them, others said, “A 31-year age difference is just too much…”
I can’t imagine.

I can’t imagine it,” and “I can’t imagine it. The reaction from the entertainment world was also “muted” in comparison to the impact.

Her partner, Koji Kato, said on “Sukkiri” (Nippon Television Network Corporation)

Congratulations,” he said, “but…what’s the point? It’s such a happy report, but when Yamamoto speaks, it looks like a press conference about a problem.

He laughed bitterly. He continued.

In life, there is no need to be popular with everyone. I think it’s amazing that she has embodied the idea that it is enough to be popular with just one person on this earth.

He said, “I think it’s amazing that he embodied that.

The other members of the “Gundan Yamamoto” group also responded. Shozo Endo of “Cocorico” updated his Instagram and wrote

I’ve been in this world for 30 years. I’ve been with this person for a long time.

He added, “I’ve been with him for 30 years.

I was with him on his last night as a bachelor! Congratulations to Yamamoto-san!

He also congratulated her on her last night as a bachelor. Atsushi Tamura of “London Boots No. 1 and No. 2” also took to Twitter to congratulate the couple.

I used to think that people who entered the marriage on Good Marriage Day were just plain silly, but…I’ll change my mind from now on.

He added in his own inimitable way, “I’ll change my mind from now on.

In addition to the aforementioned Endo, “Gundan Yamamoto” members Tomoharu Shoji of Shinagawa Shoji and Ryo of Romboo came to congratulate Yamamoto and his new wife, Nishino, on their live YouTube broadcast on March 23. Yamamoto has recorded a video of the events leading up to his marriage, which he plans to distribute from time to time.

I have the impression that only the members of the “Gundan Yamamoto” are making a big fuss about it. Yoshimoto Kogyo is not really pushing the idea either.

(Sports newspaper reporter) For young comedians, it is even more difficult to react because of their age difference.

Aiko Kano of the comedy duo “A Masso,” who belongs to Watanabe Entertainment, was perplexed when the media suddenly asked her about Yamamoto’s marriage at an event for the release of her book.

I can’t say anything. I don’t think anything of it. I was surprised.

She had no choice but to reply, “I can’t say anything.

Even within Yoshimoto, Yamamoto’s treatment is said to be iffy. She is a regular on the popular TV show “Mecha x 2 Iketeru! (Fuji Television Network), but in 2006 he became involved in a police matter and was fired from Yoshimoto that same year. Kato, Yamamoto’s remaining partner, worked hard to bring Yamamoto back, mainly through his regular program “Sukkiri,” and expanded his influence within the company.

As a result, Yamamoto returned to Yoshimoto in 2004, but this time Kato played a major role in the “black market problem” of three years earlier. He criticized the upper management in what became known as “Kato’s Rebellion,” and in October 2007, he was placed under an agent contract with Yoshimoto, which ended in March of last year. That contract ended last March, and “Sukkiri,” which had lasted for 17 years, will end next spring.

Since the duo is such a duo, Mr. Yamamoto’s position is uncertain,” said Mr. Yamamoto. Yoshimoto has an extremely small number of managers, and there are two types: “A managers” who work with the best sellers and “B managers” who organize the rest of the staff. Mr. Yamamoto is in the latter category. Well, he has a lot of personal connections, so I think it is easier for him to move around.

Yamamoto also appears regularly on the YouTube program “Win Win Wiiin” with Hiroyuki Miyasako and Atsuhiko Nakata of “Oriental Radio,” who quit Yoshimoto. He is a “subclass” within Yoshimoto.

Yamamoto seems to be planning to keep the topic of conversation going for a while with his “31-year difference in marriage,” but how far will the viewers go?

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