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Hideaki Ito’s “Movie Aborted this Time” Furore

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Ito at the Nobunaga Festival in November

Hideaki Ito (47) must be in a lot of trouble. The November 24 issue of “Shukan Shincho” (November 24) reported that the movie in which he plays the lead role has been delayed.

Ito participated in a warrior parade at the much-talked-about “Gifu Nobunaga Festival” (Gifu City, Gifu Prefecture) held on November 6. He and Takuya Kimura (50), who co-stars as Nobunaga Oda in the movie “Legend and Butterfly” to be released next January, rode horses in samurai costume through the city. A crowd of 460,000 spectators thronged the streets along the way.

The city had prepared an area for 15,000 spectators, but 966,555 people applied. The number of applicants was actually 64 times greater than the number of people who applied. According to the local “Juroku Sogo Kenkyujo,” the economic effect is estimated to be 3.945 billion yen. The popularity of the event was so great that wide shows on various TV stations showed footage of the procession day after day. However, all that was shown was Kimura. When reporters from the TV stations asked spectators along the route to comment on the event, they were met with the comment, “I was so thrilled to see Mr. Kimura in person! and Mr. Ito’s name was not mentioned much.

However, Mr. Ito must have been convinced. It was Mr. Ito who invited Kimutaku to the “Nobunaga Festival” on the set of “Legend and Butterfly. When Kimutaku expressed interest, Mr. Ito, who had played the role of Nobunaga at the same event in 2009, readily agreed. He made the offer to his hometown, Gifu City, through a film company. Mr. Ito commented, “As a native of Gifu, I hope to make this a grand festival that will convey the enthusiasm of my hometown to the rest of Japan.

She was supposed to star in a Korean blockbuster movie: ……

The crowd and the wide viewers of the show were looking for Kim Tak, but ……

The trouble that surfaced for Ito, such a good-looking boy, was reported by Shukan Shincho. According to the article, the production company is planning a Japanese remake of the movie “Crime City” (released in October 2005), which was a big hit in South Korea, drawing 6.8 million viewers. The Korean director and screenwriter were leading the project, and Ito had been unofficially selected to play the lead role. However, …….

The production company made an offer to Mr. Ito around November two years ago. However, since then, neither the shooting schedule nor the script has been decided. Since the talks were not progressing well, Mr. Ito proposed to produce the film himself at the beginning of this year.

Finally, in July, the script came in, but it was completely different from the original story and what Mr. Ito had envisioned. Mr. Ito’s side, as expected, officially turned down the offer due to repeated mishandling of the script.

Ito, who had been preparing for the shoot and had an open schedule, must have been extremely inconvenienced.

The production company tried to make a remake of “Crime City” with another Japanese actor. However, I heard that the project was completely abandoned due to financial difficulties.

Ito is a well-known personality in the entertainment industry. It is good to focus on his personality, but it seems that the “starring role” story was too imprudent.

Ito at the “Nobunaga Festival” in November
Ito at the Nobunaga Festival in November
Ito at the November Nobunaga Festival
Ito at the November Nobunaga Festival
Ito at the November Nobunaga Festival
  • Photographed by Masahiro Kawayanagi, Junpei Kota

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