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Masami Nagasawa: The Devilish Determination She Showed in “Elpis” Six Years After Accepting the Offer to Star in the Film

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Masami Nagasawa plays the heroine in the popular drama “Elpis.” The drama deals with the profound theme of a false accusation.

Actress Masami Nagasawa stars in the much-talked-about monthly drama “Elpis: Hope or Disaster” (Fuji Television Network). The drama’s gritty storyline, which confronts the darkness of power head-on, and the intense love scenes between the heroine, played by Nagasawa, and her ex-lover, have been met with a great response.

In this drama, Ena Asakawa (Nagasawa), an announcer who was ousted from her ace position due to a scandal, pursues a false allegation of a serial murder case with rookie director Takuro Kishimoto (Go Atsushi Maeda).

In the midst of this, she rekindles her romance with her former lover, Shoichi Saito (Ryohei Suzuki), an ace reporter at the news bureau. Amidst a maelstrom of conflicting agendas, she regains the “self-worth” she once lost in this socially-conscious entertainment film.

However, it is not only in the drama that various agendas are at play. This project, which has the potential to antagonize the police, prosecutors, and even the courts, has been suffering from too high a hurdle to overcome.

“In this drama,” he said, “what happens when the mass media report misinformation or something that is not confirmed as fact? From where will the side-stepping come in and how will the truth be buried in the darkness? Because of the naked depiction of the arrogance of power and the media’s attitude toward reporting, this drama never saw the light of day on TBS,” said a producer from a production company.

However, producer Ayumi Sano and scriptwriter Aya Watanabe, who had been working together on this project, did not give up. They wanted to get a head start on casting, so they first approached Masami Nagasawa, who was not only a good actor, but also had a lot of inner energy that they found attractive.

After reading the script, Nagasawa readily agreed, saying, “I’d love to do it.” She then asked, “Why can’t you do this right away? and she is showing an unparalleled willingness to work on this film.”

Actress Masami Nagasawa has a non-negotiable policy when it comes to choosing her work.

Her mentor, Koki Mitani, taught her that “life is surprisingly short, so you should do what you want to do,” said Nagasawa. Whenever I receive an offer, I make my decision based on whether or not I think it would be truly interesting. For example, Nagasawa chose to commemorate the 20th anniversary of her debut with “MOTHER,” a unique film inspired by the actual murder of her grandparents by a young boy.

Mother is a lazy person who is loose with money. She plays a strong character who is sloppy with men and uses her children as a pretext to beg her parents for money when she is in financial trouble. The role of Akiko, who is pale and fat, is a far cry from Nagasawa’s public image. However, this role won Nagasawa the Japan Academy Award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role, and considering the commercials involved, it must have been risky and not an easy task for her to be cast in this film. Even so, Nagasawa’s eye for this film is impressive.

In this film, which also shook Nagasawa’s heart, famous scenes that overflow with Nagasawa’s acting skills appear from the first episode.

She submits a project about a false allegation of a serial murder case to a late-night variety show she is in charge of. However, she is criticized by the producer, and the new director Kishimoto (Maeda) is about to give up on the project.

Don’t be fooled. Strange things are strange. It doesn’t matter if it’s an anaconda or state power. Don’t swallow what you think is strange. I can’t swallow any more. If I don’t want to swallow any more, I won’t swallow it. Otherwise, I will die.

The scene in which she gulps down water from a plastic bottle while suppressing nausea, reminds us once again of the amazing actress Masami Nagasawa.

But it is still too early to be surprised. In the third episode, Masami is seen in a scene in which she is accused of a false accusation.

In the third episode, Ena is so frustrated at not being able to air her false accusation that she drinks alcohol at home and cries. In the third episode, Ena sobs and drinks at home out of frustration at not being able to air the false accusation case. Nagasawa takes Saito’s (Suzuki) lips as if he is devouring them as he gently caresses her head and performs a deep kissing scene.

In the fourth episode, he asks her, “Didn’t you want me to stop the broadcast? Saito puts his hand on Ena’s face and says, “It’s better if you don’t know.” When she refused his hand, he whispered in her ear, “Well, why did you buy the bed?” I felt a sense of adult eroticism when he whispered in Ena’s ear, “I’d love to do it,” and they performed the scene.

Six years have passed since she agreed to do it. Fans look forward to seeing Masami Nagasawa’s joyous goal.

  • Written by Ukon Shima (Broadcaster and video producer)

    He is involved in program production in a wide range of genres, including variety, news, and sports programs. He has also planned and published many books on female TV announcers, idols, and the TV industry. While working on documentary programs, he became interested in history and recently published "Ieyasu was dead in Sekigahara" (Takeshobo Shinsho). She is also publishing the e-book series "Ibun chakurezuregusa" (Different Stories about Craftsmen).

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