Erika Toda and Momori Matsuzaka are Expecting a Baby Soon! Check out their Evangelion Movie Date Photos | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Erika Toda and Momori Matsuzaka are Expecting a Baby Soon! Check out their Evangelion Movie Date Photos

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White Day, three months after the announcement of their marriage. The two were watching “Shin Evangelion” at a multiplex.

[Claire] I am happy to announce that we have given birth to a new life.

[Joon] is now at peace both physically and mentally, and we hope that he will be born safely. I hope you will continue to watch over me warmly.

On November 28, actor Erika Toda (34), wife of actor Momori Matsuzaka (34), announced the pregnancy of their first child through the official website of her agency. The couple announced their marriage on December 10, 2020, two years ago.

At the time, their relationship and marriage announcement came as a complete surprise to the media. As a matter of fact, they lived in the same apartment as soon as they started dating and did not see each other outside the house at all, as it was quarantine period for everyone due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

(A senior executive at an entertainment agency said, “Since Matsuzaka is also more of an introvert, it was difficult to see them together even after their marriage, but on White Day, three months after the marriage announcement, this magazine captured a rare private shot of the couple enjoying a date at a multiplex.

White Day “Shin Eva” date

Toda was driving the car, but it was Matsuzaka who bought the tickets and drinks, with Toda walking snugly behind Matsuzaka!

It was in a residential area of Nerima Ward that this magazine met a car driven by Toda with Matsuzaka in the passenger seat. After parking the car, the two headed for a cinema complex. While Matsuzaka bought a ticket for the movie “Shin Evangelion,” which was now in theaters, from a ticket vending machine, Toda hugged Matsuzaka’s back and remained snuggled up to her. When Matsuzaka bought popcorn and drinks and carried them to the next location, Toda walked following Matsuzaka. Although Toda usually has a strong-willed image, it was refreshing to see that Matsuzaka seemed to be taking the lead in her personal life.

In an appearance on “Bokura no Jidai” (Fuji Television Network) broadcast on November 13, Toda said, “I often think about death.”

I often think about death. Ever since I was a child, I used to cry when I thought about dying someday. I still have moments when I am so terrified that I almost cry myself to sleep. But when I felt a sense of security that someone was there for me, I finally felt that I would not have to die alone, and that made me feel a little better.

She confesses that Matsuzaka is her emotional support. She also said,

“I hope to have children someday if possible, and I want to live a long life thinking about having children someday.”

Her smile was like a mother’s already. Congratulations!

They parked their car in a parking lot in a residential area and headed for the movie theater. With this much disguise, no one would recognize the two of them.
Even with their faces covered, they can’t hide their beauty.
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