Behind Nozomi Sasaki’s second child pregnancy… Ken Watanabe’s “400 million yen mansion” was sold. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Behind Nozomi Sasaki’s second child pregnancy… Ken Watanabe’s “400 million yen mansion” was sold.

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Following the birth of their first son in 2018, Ken Watanabe and Nozomi Sasaki are expecting their second child. Watabe is said to be taking an active role in raising their child in place of the busy Sasaki.

Nozomi Sasaki (34), who announced that she is pregnant with her second child, has been receiving a steady stream of congratulatory messages. On November 23, she updated her Instagram: “Thank you for your comments. I was very encouraged by your warm words. I will do my best with this power in my heart.” He uploaded the message and expressed his joy.

Before the Qatar World Cup match between Japan and Costa Rica, Sasaki uploaded a photo of herself at home in her living room, and her personal life seems to be smooth sailing. On the other hand, the family’s financial situation is a matter of concern. Although her husband, Ken Watanabe (50), returned to work this February on “Un-jash” (Chiba TV), there is no indication that he will resume full-fledged entertainment activities. Sasaki is the main supporter of the family finances, but once she goes on maternity leave, she will be unable to work for about a year.

This year alone, Sasaki has appeared in three dramas and one movie. One wonders if the family’s breadwinner will be able to handle a break, but it seems there is no need to worry. The reason being is that he has been receiving a huge amount of “extra income.

In 2017, Mr. Watanabe purchased a luxury condominium in Tokyo for about 400 million yen for his and Ms. Sasaki’s married life. It is approximately 160 square meters in size. In addition to a roof balcony, the kitchen is equipped with a huge wine cellar. However, Watanabe and his wife moved to another apartment in Tokyo in March 2021. Some women’s magazines reported that the original condominium was put on the market last May for about 360 million yen.

Due to the too-high price, a buyer for Mr. Watanabe’s former mansion was not easy to find. However, it seems that a buyer has finally been found recently. Since the price is the price, even after deducting commissions and other fees, it is assumed that a considerable amount of money came in,” said a local real estate agent.

When we actually checked the condo’s registry, we found that the name had been changed to a man who appeared to be a foreign national in early October.

The two were even whispered to be divorcing at one point due to the “multi-purpose toilet affair” report. However, even after the turmoil, Sasaki has continued to support Watabe devotedly.

Furthermore, Watabe himself is now making a full-fledged move to return to show business. Originally, he was a member of the “Matrix Counseling Center” and “Downtown’s Gaki no Tsukasa ya Aahenden! series,” Watabe was seeking a way to resume his activities under the supervision of a big-name producer at Nippon TV, with whom he had a close relationship. However, he had to give up the idea of returning to terrestrial broadcasting, due to the heavy influence of sponsors. He found a new way to make a comeback on a network station.

On November 25, Watabe appeared as a guest on the first broadcast of “Teppei Arita’s Retirement TV” (ABEMA), which is hosted by Teppei Arita (51). Furthermore, on the 27th, he appeared on “Chance no Jikan (Time of Opportunity)” with two members of “Chidori” serving as MCs. Rather than suddenly aiming for terrestrial broadcasting, the shift was toward gradually increasing exposure. I think his return to variety shows, albeit on a network station, will be a stepping stone to a full-fledged resumption of his activities,” said a source from a production company.

Some industry insiders still hope to see Watabe’s return. The day when he will be seen on terrestrial television again may be closer than expected.

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