Discovery of No “Kei Komuro” Question at November 30 Birthday Press Conference by Prince Akishino | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Discovery of No “Kei Komuro” Question at November 30 Birthday Press Conference by Prince Akishino

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For the third time, Kei Komuro has passed the New York State bar exam. However, he plans not to mention this at his birthday press conference with Prince Akishino on November 30…

On November 30, Akishino no Miya will celebrate her 57th birthday. On the same day, the contents of his annual birthday press conference will be announced, but there will be no mention of Mr. Kei Komuro. I heard that Mr. Komuro’s name was not included in the questions submitted in advance by the reporters in charge of the Imperial Household Agency,” said a person related to the Imperial Heir.

Last year, because the press conference was held immediately after the marriage of Mako and Komuro, Prince Akishino was asked by reporters about his impressions of the meeting with Komuro. This year, however, it is said that the reporters who prepared the questions “read the atmosphere. In other words, it was a “discovery.

The story of Mr. Komuro, the cause of the bashing of the Akishino family, is now treated as a taboo subject. Although it was quite natural to ask about the Komuro couple on their first wedding anniversary at this press conference, the fact that they were not included in the questions may have been due to the reporters’ strong awareness that they were not allowed to touch the subject. It is thought that the reporters were very conscious of the fact that they were not allowed to touch the issue.

Meanwhile, Ms. Komuro passed the New York State bar exam in late October and is scheduled to be admitted to the state bar in January of next year if her schedule is as usual.

He said, “First-year lawyers spend two to three times as much time on the job as seasoned attorneys. For newcomers, the work is inevitably strenuous because of the strict quotas that are imposed on them.

Even if he finally passes the exam on the third try, he still has a long and arduous road ahead of him,” said an American legal professional.

But this is the story of a typical lawyer. Mr. Komuro has his “strongest weapon,” Mako.

In the U.S., there is no royal family, so the local people have a great deal of respect for the Japanese Imperial Family, which is the most traditional in the world. In addition, there is a sense that it is natural to do business using titles such as royalty and royal families in the United States.

Ms. Komuro’s title as the sister of the future accession to the throne, Princess Eugene, and the husband of a former PRINCESS PRINCESS is quite attractive and has great potential for attracting new clients. I believe that he will not only achieve his quota, which new lawyers struggle with, but even exceed it. The more clients she gets, the higher her fees will be, so there is a good chance that her annual income will exceed 100 million yen.

So the “use of the royal family,” which is criticized in Japan, is rather welcomed in the United States.

What Prince Akishino is most concerned about is behavior that might be perceived as “using the royal family. If Mr. Komuro were to make full use of his title as Mako’s husband to earn income in the future, it is conceivable that he would make the decision not to cross the threshold of the Akishino family for the rest of his life.

Will the day ever come when Ms. Komuro can repair her relationship with her father-in-law? ……

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