Ramen noodle stores and beef bowl chains… “Unexpected dining scenes” of celebrities seen on the street | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Ramen noodle stores and beef bowl chains… “Unexpected dining scenes” of celebrities seen on the street

FRIDAY captures the moment of munching and guigui-guigui-guigu bliss! Busy celebrities love beef bowls and ramen!

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Baikingu Eiji Kotoge (46)

Koge refueled his American car at a gas station in Ebisu, Tokyo. He looked at his car parked on a nearby street and ate fried rice at a popular Chinese restaurant.

Eiji Kotoge, Baikingu (46) June 28, ’19

Autumn is the season of appetite, and we would like to introduce some of the celebrity dining spots caught by FRIDAY.

But many of you may be thinking, “Oh? But there are probably many of you who may have thought, “Oh, no? Celebrities are often seen dining at high-end restaurants that are frequented by celebrities. However, surprisingly, they often go to popular ramen stores or beef bowl chains. Celebrity journalist Emi Miyamoto says, “Celebrities are extremely busy.

Celebrities are extremely busy. In between their schedules, they often have a quick meal at a fast-food restaurant. In particular, ramen and beef bowls are Japanese soul food, and celebrities love them. Customers don’t expect celebrities to come to a popular restaurant, so they hardly notice them.

In the photo above, Eiji Kotoge (46) of “Baikingu” also entered a Chinese restaurant in Ebisu (Shibuya Ward), Tokyo. He was probably concerned about his car parked on the street. He sat at a table with a view of the outside and wolfed down a bowl of fried rice, then left the restaurant in a short time.

Of course, with someone you are in a relationship with or with someone special, you would choose a high-class restaurant such as a members-only restaurant,” he said. A popular choice is yakiniku restaurants. Yuriko Yoshitaka (34) and Haruka Ayase (37) are famous meat lovers. Red meat is high in protein and good for the skin,” says Yuriko Yoshitaka, 34, and Haruka Ayase, 37, both well-known meat lovers. The many private rooms are also ideal for dates,” says Miyamoto.

Ryo Nishikido (38) munches on a beef bowl and Ryoko Hirosue (42) gulps down a glass of Shaoxing sake. …… During the blissful mealtime, the busy celebrities let out smiles that are not usually seen.

Ryoko Hirosue (42)

At a popular Shanghai restaurant in Tokyo’s Setagaya Ward, Hirosue gulped down Shaoxing sake while discussing childcare with several men and women of her acquaintance. The restaurant, which did not have private rooms, was a lively place.

Ryoko Hirosue (42) March 30, ’18

Kyoko Koizumi (56) & Kosuke Toyohara (57)

Kyon Kyung and Toyohara, who were dating, were quietly talking at a quiet bar in Tokyo. The way they looked at each other after exchanging a few words was picturesque.

Kyoko Koizumi (56) & Kosuke Toyohara (57) March 27, 2003 issue

Yuriko Yoshitaka (34)

On location for the drama “Saiai” (TBS). She was dressed as a high school girl and looked satisfied as she ate a location bento.

Yuriko Yoshitaka (34) October 29, ’21

NTV Announcer Mami Mizuto (35) & Freelance Announcer Taichi Masu (41)

Lunch in Ginza between Mizuto and Masu, who was working for Nippon TV at the time. They toast quietly with wine in the afternoon.

NTV announcer Mami Mizuto (35) and freelance announcer Taichi Masu (41), July 12, ’19 issue

Free TV announcer Ayako Kato (37)

A high-end French restaurant in Hiroo, Tokyo, frequented by celebrities. Katopan was in a good mood and laughing with three male acquaintances as they sipped white wine.

Ayako Kato, freelance announcer (37) Nov. 1, ’19

NHK Announcer Maho Kuwako (35)

Kuwako visited an izakaya (Japanese-style bar) with red lanterns lit with a red lantern. The cheapest price of sashimi is 500 yen.

NHK Announcer Maho Kuwako (35) January 1, ’16 issue

Hisayoshi Nagano (37), Hiroshima Carp (at the time)

Hiroshima players gathered in Roppongi, Tokyo. Nagano (now of the Giants) was drinking beer from a beer tap with gusto.

Hiroshima Carp (then) Hisayoshi Nagano (37) June 21, ’19 issue

Arata Furuta (56)

Furuta is in a good mood with a beautiful woman at a tavern in Sangenjaya, Tokyo. He hugs a beautiful woman as he leaves the bar, but goes home quietly.

Arata Furuta (56) July 11, ’14 issue

Beef bowl version

Ryo Nishikido (38)

Nishikido parked his car in a coin parking lot and went to a beef bowl chain. He finished his miso soup and beef bowl in about 10 minutes.

Ryo Nishikido (38) January 4, ’19

Kendo Kobayashi (50)

KENKOVA entered a restaurant alone and wolfed down a beef bowl in 10 minutes. After that, he went to a convenience store and then to his apartment.

Kendo Kobayashi (50), November 20, 2003

Rugby Ayumu Goromaru (36)

Goromaru was a student at Waseda University. After the victory party for winning the national university rugby championship, he went to Yoshinoya with his friends.

Rugby Ayumu Goromaru (36) (Jan. 27, 2006)

Hiroshi Tamaki (42)

Tamaki was dressed up in a cap and black sunglasses. He drove his car to a beef bowl chain.

Hiroshi Tamaki (42) August 10, 2007

Yakiniku Edition

Haruka Ayase (37)

Enjoyed a two-hour “top-secret date” at a high-class yakiniku restaurant in Tokyo with a Korean TV personality with whom she was reportedly dating.

Haruka Ayase (37) April 12, ’19 issue

Yuki Yanagita (34), SoftBank Hawks

After the Japan-U.S. Baseball Game, he and his colleagues from SoftBank went to a famous restaurant in Yotsuya, Tokyo. They left the restaurant in about an hour.

Yuki Yanagita (34), SoftBank Hawks (Nov. 30, ’18 issue)

Tomoyo Harada (54) & Kippei Shiina (58)

The super-large couple headed for an upscale hormone-yaki restaurant in Shibuya Ward, Tokyo. Shiina escorts them in a gentlemanly manner.

Tomoyo Harada (54) & Kippei Shiina (58) July 2, ’21

Magical Lovely Crystal Noda (35)

A date with a beautiful trimmer at a hormone-yaki restaurant. Noda, who says she is weak on alcohol, looks flustered as she leaves the restaurant.

Magical Lovely: Crystal Noda (35) September 16, 2010

Ramen and Dumplings Edition

Leonardo DiCaprio (48)

The world-famous celebrity is slurping up chicken ramen made by a Japanese chef at a famous restaurant in Hollywood. The price is about 1,360 yen.

Leonardo DiCaprio (48) April 1, ’16

Yui Aragaki (34)

Gakki and her driver go to a ramen restaurant in Shibuya, Tokyo. She sits at the far end of the restaurant and eats her meal while keeping an eye on her surroundings.

Yui Aragaki (34) June 20, ’14

Ken Saito (41)

Saito appears at a Yokohama-style ramen restaurant in Komaba-Todaimae, Tokyo, a student town. The restaurant sells a thick tonkotsu soy sauce broth.

Takumi Saito (41) February 26, ’16

Mirei Kiritani (32)

Kiritani is known as a big ramen lover. She sometimes waits for more than an hour alone at a restaurant she is interested in.

Mirei Kiritani (32) April 19, ’13

Beauden Barrett, NZ national rugby team (31)

NZ national team eating ramen in Shinbashi, Tokyo. The center is Barrett and the right end is Brodie Retallick.

Beauden Barrett, Rugby NZ national team (31) October 11, ’19 issue

Becky (38)

Becky was pouring a lot of soy sauce and vinegar on her grilled dumplings. She finished her meal with a man she knew in about 20 minutes, but remained depressed throughout.

Becky (38) December 23, ’16 issue

From the December 2 and 9, 2022 issues of FRIDAY

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