Fans rejoice as Yukina Kinoshita reveals her “hairstyle with bangs”! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Fans rejoice as Yukina Kinoshita reveals her “hairstyle with bangs”!

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Yukina Kinoshita has been attracting a lot of attention for her “bangs makeover” on her Instagram account. Comments flooded in, praising her as “younger,” “a different person,” and “extremely cute.

Kinoshita reported that she had changed her hairstyle. She looks younger than usual with her bangs cut in a zigzag pattern! (From her Instagram @yukina1204xoxo)

The selfie that Kinoshita has just released was taken in her car. She is wearing a gray hoodie and a beige mask, but her appearance is completely different from usual. It is no wonder, then, that she has changed her look by cutting her bangs.

On her Instagram page, Kinoshita wrote, “Bangs cut in half,” and some fans commented, “I thought for a moment you were Chinatsu Wakatsuki.

Kinoshita, born in Tokyo in 1987 and nicknamed “Yukkina,” was scouted in Shibuya in 2006 and entered the entertainment industry. Her unusual answers on a quiz show made her a big hit, but she retired from show business in July 2020 due to the tapioca store scandal and other reasons. However, she gradually resumed her entertainment activities after that, restarting her once-closed Instagram and being used as a product model for a fashion brand in 2021.

In the fall of 2009, she opened a YouTube channel. In the fall of 2009, she opened a YouTube channel. While she expressed her desire to make a full-fledged comeback, saying, “I still want to work in front of people,” she stated that she would “never appear on TV” and that she would focus on activities on YouTube and other media.

In her personal life, she married Toshifumi Fujimoto of the comedy duo “FUJIWARA” in 2010 and has two daughters. They are married and have two daughters. Kinoshita is known to be an avid cook and once had a cooking show, and in 2014 published “Yukina Mei. as a book of “dishes that made my husband Toshifumi Fujimoto happy.

In the meantime, Kinoshita divorced Fujimoto on New Year’s Eve 2019. However, there have been no end of love rumors since then. She often posts on Instagram how she and Hidetoshi Miyuki, a J-League player with whom she is currently dating, seem to be getting along well.

It’s almost the Christmas season, but will he be able to spend the 24th with his family and girlfriend? ……

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