Warning of reenactment of Akihabara murder case… Copycat “vague defense” first trial. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Warning of reenactment of Akihabara murder case… Copycat “vague defense” first trial.

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Yuri is being prosecuted. He has often been the subject of controversy on the Internet for his extreme words and actions.

He is a man who is often the subject of controversy on the Internet.

He is a father like that. Do you think that Riko Matsunaga, 3, and Mana Matsunaga, 31, will be happy in heaven? The man should just make a new woman and start over.

Defendant Junichi Yuri, 23, repeatedly slandered Takuya Matsunaga, who lost his wife and daughter in the Higashi-Ikebukuro car crash in ’19, on Twitter. The first trial of the defendant, who is charged with insult and obstruction of business by deception, was held at the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office on November 16.

The Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office indicted Yuri at home in June ’22 in response to the above-referenced replies. In an interview with a TV station prior to his arrest, he answered that the slander was “for the purpose of inflaming the flames. Just two months later, Yuri was arrested again for malicious posts on Twitter.

In retaliation for the police’s ineffectiveness, he wrote, “Remember what happens in Shinjuku or Akihabara on August 14.

There are no firework festivals in Akiba, so I will bring a lot of fireworks with me.”

(The same), and a series of other tweets that smacked of terrorist acts. In several of the tweets, the names of Tomohiro Kato, a convicted murderer in the 2008 Akihabara massacre, and Tetsuya Yamagami, the suspect who shot former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe this year, were also mentioned. According to the indictment and other charges, he is charged with insulting Ms. Matsunaga by slandering her, and obstructing the operations of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department by posting a warning that imitated the crime in Akihabara, and is charged with false pretenses.

The defendant Yuri appeared in court wearing a suit with no tie, his hair reaching down to his eyes, and a mask worn deeply. The trial was held with Ms. Matsunaga present for the prosecution, but the defendant’s answers did not appear to be in a manner that was flattering or sincere.

According to testimony by the prosecutor, the defendant Yuri started social networking when he was 16 years old. He also revealed that when he was a student, he had grilled meat on campus and relayed on SNS how the security company was alerted and security guards were dispatched to the scene.

Regarding this incident, defendant Yuri said, “I wanted my classmates to see it. I am happy when I get likes, and I am aware that I am posting something that attracts attention so that I can get lots of likes,” he recalled. Regarding the terror threats in Akihabara, he said that he mentioned the names of the suspects Yamagami and Kato, a former death-row inmate, because he felt that many people would not get the message unless he mentioned the names of Yamagami and Kato.

Prosecutor: “Did you know that if you write a criminal threat, the police will catch you?”

Defendant Yuri: “I knew that, but I didn’t think it would be a problem because there were no murder or other extreme words.”

Yuri continued to tweet even after he tweeted the criminal threat in Akihabara. According to the prosecutor’s evidence, Yuri’s mother told him, “I warned him repeatedly to stop using social networking services, but he wouldn’t listen to me and kept looking at his phone even during meals. I hope he will be arrested and rehabilitated, as it is beyond the family’s control.

When asked about the contempt charge, Yuri continued, but insisted that he did not intend to insult Matsunaga. He replied that the content in the replies, such as “just looking for money and repercussions” and “make a new woman and start over,” were not directed at Mr. Matsunaga, but at the bereaved family of the traffic accident that occurred in Osaka on March 6 of this year. However, considering that he mentioned the real names of Mr. Matsunaga’s wife and daughter, who died in the tweet, it is hard to argue that he was referring to another incident.

Moreover, it turns out that after sending the reply, Yuri sent a direct message of apology to Ms. Matsunaga. He also sent a direct message to an acquaintance saying, “I sent a shitty reply to Matsunaga,” and “This Matsunaga guy looks like he has a lot of money, so I’m afraid he’s going to go to court.” This highlights the discrepancy between the crime and the statement.

Prosecutor: “Why did you send the content addressed to the bereaved families of the Osaka accident to Mr. Matsunaga?”

Defendant Yuri: “Mr. Matsunaga had been working for three years since he lost his wife and daughter, calling for traffic safety. I sent it because I wanted him to know about the Osaka incident.”

Prosecutor: “In your statement, you said that you did not know much about the Osaka incident. Why did you try to tell Mr. Matsunaga about a case you didn’t fully understand in the first place?”

Defendant Yuri: “…… I can’t explain it well.”

Prosecutor: “Why did you send a direct message of apology to Mr. Matsunaga?”

Defendant Yuri: “I felt sorry because (my tweet) had gone up in flames.”

Prosecutor: “You then sent a statement to an acquaintance to the effect that ‘Mr. Matsunaga is trash.

Defendant Yuri: “I apologized to Mr. Matsunaga, but he did not accept my apology, so I sent the message to my acquaintance out of frustration.

In court, Yuri vowed to “apologize to the people I need to apologize to and look forward” and “not to use SNS anymore,” but he still has a Twitter account (as of November 22) that suggests he is the “real” person. During the trial, the defendant seemed to be in a state of confusion throughout the trial, and his statements were vague. The prosecutor pointed out to him, “You were laughing, weren’t you?

Will he ever truly realize the gravity of his crime, and will he be able to leave social networking sites as his mother wishes for his rehabilitation?

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