Keiichi Yamamoto’s “31 years old” marriage attracts attention as a “couple with an age difference”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Keiichi Yamamoto’s “31 years old” marriage attracts attention as a “couple with an age difference”.

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Yamamoto’s marriage to Nishino, who is active as a balladol, means that the couple may appear on variety shows together in the future.

Keiichi Yamamoto (54) of the comedy duo “Gokurakutombo” announced his marriage to former AKB48 member Miki Nishino (23) on November 22, “Good Marriage Day,” Yamamoto announced on his official YouTube channel.

The two were married in 2020, when they appeared together on ABEMA’s show “Gokuraku Tombo no Time Limit. Nishino-san was the gimmick in a project called ‘If my boyfriend was Keiichi Yamamoto, who is 31 years older than me,’ in which he fooled his friends.

Of course, congratulations are in order, but the fact that Nishino’s parents are younger than Yamamoto’s made the Internet react in a negative way.

However, the fact that Nishino’s parents are younger than Yamamoto’s is not a surprise to many people.

However, the fact that Nishino’s parents are younger than Yamamoto’s is not uncommonly commented on the Internet. However, in the entertainment industry, age difference marriages are not a rare occurrence. There are many couples who, despite the initial “disapproval” of their marriage, continue to enjoy their marital bliss. Let us introduce a couple with such a happy age difference.

Mr. and Mrs. Cha Kato and Ayana: 45-year age difference

The other day, he said on a variety show, “Actually, Ayana’s family is much richer than mine. I’m the one who has the upper hand.

On August 1, 2011, Cha Kato (79)’s marriage news shook the world. Ayana was 23 years old at the time, and the difference in age between the two was a staggering 45 years. They met and married when Kato visited Ayana at a sushi restaurant where Ayana was working part-time while attending university in Tokyo. However, Ayana’s flamboyant appearance and harsh tone of voice caused a public outcry. In addition, she uploaded a series of tonkatsu (pork cutlets) and steaks on her blog, which were not the kind of food she would serve to her elderly husband, and this led to a major bashing. She continued to receive slanderous comments such as “a woman who is after her inheritance” and “planning to kill her husband with insurance money,” but she later became a certified nutrition education advisor and lifestyle disease prevention advisor. Last year, she became a Level 1 nursing care helper, and has devoted herself to supporting Kato. Today, they are recognized as one of the best married couples in the entertainment industry with an age difference.

Hiromi Go and an ordinary woman, with an age difference of 24 years.

At 63 years old (at the time), Go has a toned body that is hard to believe. They are said to be doting on their twin sons, who are still small

2012 . Hiromi Go, 67, who had gone through two divorces in the past, chose a woman 24 years younger than him for his third marriage.

His wife is a civilian, but her father is a former professional baseball player, so she understood the world of entertainment very well, which is different from that of a civilian, from the very beginning of their acquaintance. I hear that he also gives Ms. Goh advice on how to present her work, based on his experience working in the advertising department of a cosmetics company.

In 2002, the long-awaited twin boys were born, and it is probably thanks to his wife and children that even at 67 years of age, Go can still be seen as a youthful man.

His wife is in the passenger seat of the car he drives.

Kotaro Yoshida and an ordinary woman, 22 years apart in age.

After dinner at a high-end sushi restaurant, the two take a stroll in the nightlife district. Yoshida is said to be stuck at his wife’s hip.

Kotaro Yoshida, 63, married a civilian woman 22 years his junior on New Year’s Day, 2016. This was his fourth marriage, but since Yoshida himself once confessed that the reason for his previous divorces was cheating on his wife, some were concerned, “Is he going to be okay? However, it seems that the chemistry between the two is outstanding.

As Yoshida said, “I like women who say things clearly,” and she is a very straightforward woman. She is a former mama of a high-class Ginza club, so she knows how to handle this kind of old man. Yoshida is also a complete ass.

Last March, their first child, a girl, was born.

Yoshida commented, “I feel great joy and responsibility.

Yoshida commented. So far, he seems to be fulfilling his role as a husband and father as he said.

Shigeru Jojima and Risa Kikuchi, 24 years apart in age

Shigeru Jojima of “TOKIO

Shigeru Jojima, 52, of “TOKIO,” who announced his marriage to gravure idol Risa Kikuchi, 27, in September 2019, is one such person. At the same time as the marriage announcement, it was also announced that Kikuchi is four months pregnant, which surprised the public.

Kikuchi was born to a Japanese mother and a Bangladeshi father who was a successful businessman. She aspires to be a novelist and is also an intellectual, having graduated from Nihon University College of Art alongside her performing career. She is a well-bred young lady, and for Jojima, who says he ‘likes old-fashioned girls,’ she is the perfect woman for him,” said a senior entertainment executive.

In February 2008, his first child, a boy, was born, and in April 2009 he became president of TOKIO, Inc. Both his public and private life seem to be smooth sailing.

Tadanobu Asano and Kurumi Nakata: 18-year age difference

Asano and Nakata, who just got married this August, are still newlyweds, but their marriage after eight years of dating gives them the air of a mature couple

Tadanobu Asano (48) and actress and model Kurumi Nakata (30) announced their marriage on August 23 this year. They met eight years ago. At the time, Nakata was working as a model for a fashion magazine, appearing in commercials for “Google,” and was also active as a DJ. Since she was a talented young woman who had just graduated from Nihon University College of Art and was also a promising artist, those involved with her never welcomed the couple with an 18-year age difference. However.

Asano was an extremely popular man who had been flirtatious with young women until he started dating Nakata. However, after Asano’s father, the president of Asano’s office, was arrested under the Stimulant Drug Control Law in December 2005, Asano’s devotion and support for the heartbroken Asano deepened their bond, and it is said that Asano also came to be Nakata’s butt.

No matter how big the age gap between them, the secret to their marital bliss seems to be their “kakaya-tenshita” (taking the lead).

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