A detective has seen a must-know technique for “less likely to be found out in an affair investigation”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

A detective has seen a must-know technique for “less likely to be found out in an affair investigation”.

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[Joon] With the popularity of social networking and matching apps, it seems that more and more people, both men and women, are cheating on their partners. Naturally, cheating is not a good thing. However, there seems to be a cunning technique to avoid being caught cheating.

Yasuhiro Tsuruta, who works as a detective himself, reveals the “secret techniques” of those who play around without being caught cheating.

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When a person is suspected of cheating and hires a detective or investigative firm, the affair is almost always exposed.

Although it is obvious, if you are going to have an affair, it is absolutely essential that your spouse does not find out. So, how do those who keep their affairs undetected keep their spouses from finding out?

When I ask people who come to me for cheating investigations about the behaviors that led them to suspect an affair, I find that they are broadly divided into the following categories

1.Strange use of their phone

2.Clothing has changed from the usual

3.Traffic IC history

The three categories can be categorized as follows. I would like to explain the points to be careful about each of these three.

1.Change in the way you use your phone

A change in the way you use your phone is the most common reason given for suspecting cheating.

I can assure you this, a person who is cheating will carry their phone with them at home, under their skin. They will keep it with them all the time, whether they are taking a bath or going to the bathroom.

It is important to be aware of whether the number of times you touch your phone has increased.

2.Change in clothing

A change in taste in ties, a change in fashionable personal clothing, or a change in attention to underwear are also points that may raise suspicions of cheating.

If a man used to wear what his wife bought for him, but now prefers to wear trendy clothes or brand-name clothes, or if he becomes more careful about his underwear, he is likely to be considered “suspicious.

In particular, it is important to note that a significant percentage of men over 30 years of age will be suspected of cheating if they start to pay attention to their underwear after having been completely careless about their clothes until now.

3.Traffic IC history

Suica and ICOCA, which are commonly used in daily life, fall into this category. The usage history of these cards can be checked at ticket machines or on the Internet. People who are afraid of being suspected of cheating do not use transportation system IC cards frequently, but use tickets or use their cars so as not to leave any evidence.

If they hire a detective, how do you counteract them?

So far, we have discussed what people who have not been caught cheating are taking care of. However, no matter how careful you are, there will be times when your spouse will find out.

If you find out that your spouse has hired a detective to investigate an affair, here are some tips on how to get away with it without letting them get evidence.

(I am not recommending that you practice this, but I would like you to know that this has happened in real life.) Tailing by detectives is not so easy to detect. However, there are ways to spot and recognize them. Here are three steps on how to spot and recognize a tailgater.

1.Observe and memorize the people around you

First, although it is obvious, it is important to check for suspicious people around you. The best time to determine if you are being followed is right after you leave the building. Your actions here are important.

Check your surroundings immediately after leaving your home, leaving your place of work, or leaving a restaurant – this alone will help you determine if there are any suspicious people around you. If I were to tell you specifically how to do this, you can easily check by pretending to operate your cell phone or look in your bag.

2.Vary your walking speed.

Next, narrow down the list of suspicious people. The key point is the moment you turn a corner.

If you walk quickly immediately after turning a corner, the person you are following will walk faster to get closer. If you see someone walking very fast immediately after turning a corner, you may want to be a little suspicious.

If you know the area well, it is also effective to enter a store with a secluded space just around the corner. Check for people coming into the store, standing waiting for you when you leave the store, or looking at you from buildings on the opposite side of the street.

3.Go to crowded places.

If you are still not sure if someone is following you in these ways, take further action to identify and track down the person who is following you.

The best way to do this is to go downtown.

Walking in crowded downtown areas increases the likelihood that the person following you will lose sight of you, so they will close the distance between you and them.

In particular, if you are on a crowded train, the person who is following you will get very close to you because you will be getting off the train at the same station. The person who is following you will be within your line of sight, so watch your line of sight to avoid being noticed.

By taking this step, it is often possible to locate the person who is following you or to make him or her lose sight of you.

We have introduced methods and detective measures to reduce the risk of being caught cheating, but detectives risk their lives, too, so it is really difficult for them to get around or get away with it.

So what can you do to ensure that you will never be found out?

It is to stop cheating as soon as possible.

Cheating is an act of betrayal of your spouse, and the cost of being caught is very high. I recommend that you stop while you can.

This is obvious, but it is the best advice from a professional.

  • Writing Yasuhiro Tsuruta


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