Burning their own soldiers in bags, torture chambers…the contents of Russia’s “inhumanity to humanity”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Burning their own soldiers in bags, torture chambers…the contents of Russia’s “inhumanity to humanity”.

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Russian troops retreating from Herzon (Image: Afro)

When Russian soldiers arrived at the waste disposal site, they unloaded many black bags from trucks and set them on fire. The area was enveloped in smoke and an unbearable stench that made it impossible to breathe.

On November 21, the British newspaper “The Guardian” reported the graphic testimony of a Ukrainian resident.

Ukrainian troops recaptured part of the southern province of Herson in early November. The Russian military, which has begun to withdraw, is reportedly committing inhumane acts against its own soldiers in order to conceal the reality of the damage.

According to “The Guardian,” every time the Ukrainian army shells the area, a Russian military truck heads for the garbage dump. The bodies of their own soldiers are transported. They are packed in black bags and incinerated. While the bodies are being burned, Ukrainian residents are forbidden to approach the neighborhood.

The Guardian” published the testimony of the wife of a man who entered the garbage disposal site, unaware of the prohibition. The man was repeatedly beaten by Russian soldiers with sticks. It is said that the residential area of Herson is filled with a foul smell every time a Russian military truck arrives” (reporter from the international section of a national newspaper).

Raping a mother in front of her children

The atrocities revealed by the withdrawal of Russian troops are not limited to the burning of the bodies of their own soldiers. According to the Ukrainian Center for Civil Liberties, a human rights organization that won the Nobel Peace Prize, at least eight torture chambers have been found in Herson where detainees are being held.

When the Ukrainian Prosecutor’s Office searched the torture chambers, they found wooden clubs and devices that applied electric currents. They also found documents describing the torture. It seems that the residents who opposed Russian rule were flushed out and subjected to torture, including the application of electric currents.

Herson is not the only case of torture by the Russian military that has come to light. According to the international human rights organization Human Rights Watch (HRW), unbelievable atrocities were also reported in the capital Kyiv and the second largest city, Kharkiv. Some mothers have been raped in front of their children.

The Associated Press, a U.S. media outlet, published the graphic testimony of a resident of Bucha, a town on the outskirts of Kyiv.

Russian soldiers went from house to house and dragged out residents who had taken refuge in basements. They checked the smartphones that the residents had. If they found anti-Russian posts, they killed them without mercy. In one basement, they found 18 bodies with their hands and feet bound. Some of them were children. …… The bodies had their limbs dismembered.

The number of Ukrainian residents affected is immeasurable. In Herson alone, at least 226 people are missing. Ukrainian President Zelensky issued the following statement.

I hope that all families of Russian soldiers will see this. Why were good citizens of a peaceful city tortured to death? Why were women ripped from their ears and strangled to death? How can they sexually assault and murder mothers in front of their daughters and sons? How could they use tanks to crush people alive?”

Russian authorities deny these inhumane acts. They claim that they are “fictions” by Western countries.

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