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Legendary Rhythm Comedian Recalls “Murderous Schedule at its Best”

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Why did a legendary rhythm-jam performer decide to open a kitchen car?

A junior high school classmate and I met again at a coming-of-age ceremony, and we decided to form a duo and enroll in NSC. But the fastest NGK solo live show in Yoshimoto history, the fastest DVD release, and the fastest duo to disappear from the TV screen…

Yes, the 8.6-second buzzkers who made their big break with “Russungorerai. Although the duo has not disbanded, they are no longer active as a duo, but Hamayanen, who is in charge of the blabbermouth, has been selling light meals in a kitchen car since March of this year. This has been quite a success, and has been covered frequently by the media.

No, wait a minute, brother,” he says. Aren’t you supposed to be doing comedy there? I can’t help but feel like poking him in the face with the same old “Oh, no, wait a minute, brother, aren’t you supposed to be doing comedy? We asked him what had happened and why.

The “please” pose. When I see this, my brain starts clapping as a conditioned reflex (photo by Mayumi Abe).

The breakup period when I was too busy to remember. The only thought that remains is, “This is the kind of world we live in.”

April 2014. The storm came suddenly. 8.6 seconds was recognized for its ability soon after its debut, and began to perform on stage with a small number of material. They soon ran out of material, and when they performed “Rassun,” a song they had created in the past but neglected, it ranked first in popularity in a live survey.

I thought I would never do it again, so I thought, “Wow, this isn’t going to be popular.

The buzz spread around the comedian, and he was chosen to appear on TV. Someone uploaded the video to YouTube, and it became the catalyst for his breakthrough.

The video had 10 million views or so,” said Hamayanen. At the time, YouTube wasn’t that popular, so I didn’t really feel like I was known at all, and even with the 6-second videos on Vine, high school girls and kids were copying me, and it just spread on its own.

From the end of the year, he became so busy that he couldn’t even get a part-time job, and when he was given a schedule for January, he was absolutely stunned at how overbooked it was.

I slept only one or two hours a night, and there were days when I had to work 24 hours a day. I didn’t know what to do in my first year, but I would go on a show without even looking at the script, and they would ask me to do a rassun, and I would leave halfway through and go on to the next job. I was so busy that I really don’t remember those days.

I was so busy that I really don’t remember those days. I didn’t have time to think of stories. It was during this time that a rumor spread on the Internet that had no basis in fact.

Rassungorerai is the order to drop an atomic bomb,” he said. I thought it was amazing that everything was faked. But the company told me to keep quiet about the rumors, and I thought, “This won’t spread,” so I left it alone. Then it spread instantly and I lost my job…. I was able to sell on the Internet, but the Internet destroyed me.

The damage caused by rumors was certainly significant, but in the end it was a lack of ability, Hamayanen recalls.

In my first year, I didn’t know how to talk or anything, and suddenly I was involved with big names, which made me nervous, and I couldn’t speak well for a long time. But if I wasn’t funny, I would get slammed on the Internet, and so on. I realized how tough the world really is.

He says that he spent his days experiencing the “Seven Wonders of Yoshimoto,” as he called them, where he would think, “I’m never going to make it in time,” but somehow he always made it.

The Kitchen Car was born out of a desire to entertain people.

After the boom had passed and they had been in the COVID-19 crisis for 8.6 seconds, they decided to “do something we both like and want to do once.

We worked for 10 years in two years, so we weren’t in a hurry. In this day and age, it’s not just about the stuff, and we agreed to give it a shot freely.”

Part of what he liked to do was his interest in food and drink. He had always wanted to create a place where friends could gather, and he started “Hamayanen Kitchen Car” as a start.

We go anywhere in Japan, mainly to event venues. Traveling costs money for gasoline, and it is also difficult to obtain permits. Why don’t they have a base of operations?

I really liked going on sales trips. The world was sinking because of Corona, so I thought it would be nice if I could go to the countryside and do something to help revitalize the area, even if it was only a small contribution.

He is currently renting a friend’s restaurant as a preparation area for his kitchen car, but he also dreams of eventually setting up his own preparation area and opening a standing izakaya there. Although he is working hard despite the fact that he has too many expenses, “It’s tough at retail,” Hamayanen has recently developed a bit of a problem.

I wear that red top and bottom and sunglasses, so I get a lot of people telling me I’m an impostor. I’m the real thing, and I’ll go anywhere if you call me.

Hamayanen continues to travel around the country today as if he were in the business of comedy. One would think he would be a bit shaky, but surprisingly, his goals are the same as they were back then.

Teritama Karaage was popular, but recently he has been focusing on Curry Bread. Currently, there is also a kitchen car in Okinawa, which has been designed and divided into different categories. If you are interested in opening a kitchen car, please contact us on SNS! and

Click here for the Instagram of Hamayanen, the 8.6-second buzzer.

Click here for the Instagram of “Hamayanen Kitchen Car

  • Interview and writing Chimasa Ide Photographed by Mayumi Abe

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