Daichi Kamata, a key player in the historic victory… “A glimpse of the monster” as seen by a former coach | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Daichi Kamata, a key player in the historic victory… “A glimpse of the monster” as seen by a former coach

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Kamata started in the top position against Germany. His market value is estimated to be the team’s highest at 22 million euros (about 4.4 billion yen), and he is expected to play an active role as a key player in both name and reality.

The whole of Japan was thrilled by this great success.

Moriyasu Japan faced Germany in their first match in the Qatar World Cup group league. Moriyasu’s team was behind by one goal in the first half, but goals by Ritsu Doyasu (24) and Takuma Asano (28) in the second half turned the tide and pulled off a giant-killing feat against the four-time World Cup winners.

One of the key players in this historic victory was Daichi Kamata (26), who led the attack from the top down. Kamata, who plays for Frankfurt in the German Bundesliga, showed his experience in the league and shined in many places. He led Japan’s attack, including setting up the first goal by Daiki Maeda (25), who was offside.

After the match, he commented, “I really thought we could win. I’m glad we were able to prove it with the result. The Japanese attack was energized by their undaunted play against a strong opponent.

He had a good sense of swagger, which is something Japanese lack. He doesn’t get too absorbed in the environment. He expresses his opinions clearly and is able to make his own decisions about what is necessary to achieve his goals.

Mr. Tomoo Tsugoshi, a physical coach mainly for J-League clubs, describes Kamata’s personality in this way. Tsugoshi, who coached Kamata in 2015 when he was playing for J1 club Sagan Tosu, recalls, “Even back then, he was a very conscious player with his sights set on the world.

In 2016, he said, ‘I want to play in Europe soon,’ so we went around to watch top leagues overseas together. We traveled to Italy, Germany, and England, where soccer is very popular, and watched four games. Daichi was most impressed with Juventus of Serie A. It was inspiring for him to see firsthand the speed and strength of the world’s top level team.

Compared to other national team players, he was not as physically strong, if anything, he was below average. But even back then, his speed in selecting plays was outstanding. Because of his quick perception and decision-making, he was able to play with his own timing, taking his opponents off target. I think my speed of decision-making, which is my weapon, has been further honed while playing in the Bundesliga.

Due to his lack of media exposure, Kamata is often thought of as having a quiet personality. However, he says that his usual character is the exact opposite.

He says, “I talk a lot during practice. Whenever I have an idea, I say it out loud and mumble, ‘This is better. It’s spontaneous. If I have a gut feeling that something is different, I can immediately ask, ‘What’s this? He is the kind of player who can immediately ask, “What is this?

Kamata is expected to play an even more active role in the World Cup, thanks to his unafraid personality and precise judgment. Tsugoshi encourages him, saying, “The bigger the stage, the bigger the results.

The key player in the attack will lead Japan through the group leagues.

He has played 22 official games for his team this season, scoring 12 goals. He is expected to continue his scoring prowess in the national team as well.
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