Pregnant with first child! Mayuko Kawakita: “Leather jacket date” photo taken by this magazine | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Pregnant with first child! Mayuko Kawakita: “Leather jacket date” photo taken by this magazine

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March 2020. One year before their marriage, this magazine witnessed them on a “leather jacket date. They really stood out even in a quiet residential area late at night.

We are happy that we have safely entered the stable period and feel the joy of welcoming a new family member into our lives every day.

On November 23, model and actress Mayuko Kawakita (30) updated her Instagram page and announced that she is pregnant with her first child.

The man she married last January, Mr. A, is a former Paris Collection model who now works as a businessman. They had been dating for seven years before their marriage, and Kawakita had often stated on variety shows that she wanted to get married by the time she turned 30. When they were married, she exclaimed with joy, “I’m so happy! When they got married, they were so happy,” said a senior entertainment production executive.

In March 2020, “FRIDAY” published a photo of her with a man. And in the middle of last month, we caught the latest private shots of her in relaxed fashion. Let us introduce you to what each of them looked like at the time.

A leather jacket date with a beautiful man who looks good even in the nighttime

Former Paris Collection model Ms. A and Kawakita, a beautiful couple

In early March, when the weather was still chilly, Kawakita came out of a luxury apartment in the heart of Tokyo wearing a leather coat over a knit one-piece dress. The man who came out with her, escorting Kahita next to him, was Mr. A. He was a wild-looking man with a stocky figure, wearing damaged jeans and a leather jacket, and at that time they were already living together in the apartment. They took a cab to Shirokane (Minato-ku) and entered a house in a narrow alley so narrow that no car could enter. It was a Japanese restaurant frequented by celebrities, and many of them were regular patrons. Four hours after entering the restaurant, they left the restaurant with six other men and women, and took a cab back to their apartment.

Relaxed fashion shown at Shin-Osaka Station

Kawakita and staff walking in Shin-Osaka Station in mid-October of this year

In mid-October, the Shin-Osaka station was crowded with commuters and tourists. Three women were walking as if weaving between them. The two women on either side were carrying several attache cases and other large luggage, but it was Kawakita who was walking between them. Kawakita was dressed in an oversized white loose-fitting shirt and a long black skirt with a slit. She may have already known she was pregnant at that time. Her two companions were also walking with her, protecting her from the crowd.

Before her marriage, Kawakita said

“I want to get married in my 20s and have three children.

I want to get married in my twenties and have three children. This must mean that Kawakita is one step closer to the ideal family she envisions with Mr. A.

March 2020. After dinner with friends, the couple waves goodbye.
The couple leaves their home and waits for a cab.
In October 2020, Kawakita is wearing a short, tight-fitting top and leather pants that show a glimpse of her belly.
Kawakita speaks at the appointment ceremony of “Digital Safety Ambassador” for security software maker Avast in Tokyo on July 29.
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