Blunt instrument is used to repeatedly hit and lock the door…Photo of “graphic scene” of arson murder of the president of the company | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Blunt instrument is used to repeatedly hit and lock the door…Photo of “graphic scene” of arson murder of the president of the company

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Onishi, the suspect arrested.

The roof is burned off and the walls are black with soot. Firefighters hurriedly moving about. The scene of the arson immediately after the incident was a graphic scene.

On November 20, the Saitama Prefectural Police Asaka Police Station arrested Wataru Ohki, 37, an interior decorator, and Hisataka Onishi, 31, an unemployed former interior decorator, on suspicion of murder and arson of an existing building. They allegedly set fire to the office and workshop of Nagayoshi Interior, an interior decoration company in Kamiuchimagi, Asaka City, and killed the president, Ryo Nagayoshi (43 at the time). Mr. Nagayoshi was the main contractor and both suspects were subcontractors.

Mr. Nagayoshi and the two suspects apparently met and worked together in January of this year. On May 13, the day before the incident occurred, the three, along with other workers, went to Tokyo to work on an interior decoration job. The work took until dawn on the following day, May 14, and they broke up at “Nagayoshi Interior” before 5:00 in the morning.

The two suspects, Ohki and Onishi, are said to have returned to the company and committed the crime. When interviewed by the police immediately after the incident, the two admitted to being at the company during the time of the crime, but insisted that they had returned to pick up materials.

The Brutal M.O.

The devastation of Nagayoshi Interior immediately after the incident

Before 10:00 a.m., a passerby spotted the company’s prefabricated building on fire and called 119. Approximately 37 m2 of the office space was completely destroyed by fire. The burnt body of Mr. Nagayoshi was found in the ruins of the fire. Since the area was out of the way of fire and blood stains were found, the police began investigating the fire as an arson case. The police believed it was an arson case and arrested the suspects after security camera footage showed them getting into a van and driving away from the company.

The crime was extremely brutal. Both suspects are suspected of repeatedly beating Mr. Nagayoshi with tools and other blunt objects. Multiple fractures were observed on Mr. Nagayoshi’s body. Carbon monoxide was detected in his blood. Since the door was locked, it is possible that Mr. Nagaya was assaulted and then locked alive in the office and burned to death.

Although the police have not revealed their admissions or denials, both suspects are said to have stated that they had not been paid their daily allowance. However, the series of crimes shows an intense intent to kill. The police plan to investigate the motive for the crimes in more detail.

According to the police, “Mr. Nagayoshi was a good-natured man with a strong work ethic. According to company officials, they had never heard him speak ill of anyone. He never seemed to hold a grudge. He was not the type of person to hold a grudge.

Nagayoshi’s family made the following comment.

I am so saddened and frustrated that my son would have lived longer, and I believe that this feeling will last a lifetime. I can never forgive the murderer, but I hope that the truth will be revealed through future investigations and trials as to why my son had to be killed.

The devastation of “Nagayoshi Interior” immediately after the incident
Equipment in the office being removed from the fire scene
The devastation of Nagayoshi Interior immediately after the fire
Blue sheets were put up at the scene of the fire.
Flowers were laid near the fire scene.
  • Photo by Shinji Hasuo

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