The government carefully supports… “Pregnancy and Job Hunting” awaiting Mr. Komuro and Ms. Mako. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The government carefully supports… “Pregnancy and Job Hunting” awaiting Mr. Komuro and Ms. Mako.

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He passed the bar exam, but… (Photo by Takero Yuzumi)

On his third attempt, Kei Komuro passed the New York State bar exam. Since then, he has not been particularly available for interviews, and does not seem to be in the mood to prepare any message for the Japanese public.

On the other hand, reports about Mako, who has supported Kei’s success by her side, have been prominent in the media concerning her “fertility.

There have been reports that Tomoko Adachi, honorary director of Aiiku Hospital, which has close ties to the Imperial Family, has traveled to the United States several times since this spring to meet with Mako. Mr. Adachi was a member of the team that delivered Princess Noriko’s son, Eugene.

The meeting was reportedly requested by the Imperial Household Agency.

The truth is hard to ascertain, since Mr. Adachi has ostensibly denied it,” said a journalist with the Imperial Household Agency. But what we can say at least is that the Imperial Household Agency and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are working together to carefully support the Komuro family’s life in New York. The head of the consulate general there is Mr. Mikio Mori, a long-time friend of Prince Akishino, who has set up a specialized support team and is warmly watching over the couple’s life.

After achieving their long-cherished dream of passing the bar exam, will the couple’s goal be to start a new family?

Of course they are, but that is not necessarily the only thing they are aiming for. Mako is seeking employment at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Since it is a world-class art museum, it is naturally well secured, and in that respect, it seems that the museum has judged it to be a good place for members of the royal family to work.

The idea of working at an art museum has been discussed for some time. ……

I have heard that Mako is strongly appealing for this. Although inflation, which was at a considerable level, has subsided to some extent, the high cost of living in New York is still the city’s monopoly, so there is nothing better than to have a large monthly income. It was impossible for them not to be aware of this situation before living in New York, so their “dual-income plan” was a reflection of their own solidity,” said the same person.

(The same source) “It is likely that the couple will eventually find employment at an art museum.

The museum is probably very happy to have the future emperor’s sister working at the museum, as it will be beneficial in many ways. I don’t know the regulations, but it may be possible that Kei will be in charge of providing legal advice regarding the museum.

If that is the case, it would be the ultimate co-worker, but Mako is said to have said, “I want at least two children.

I can sense that she wants to manage both her work and her pregnancy.

It seems as if we are about to hear a string of good news for the couple.

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