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The first challenge in the manga world! Thunder 3″ is Buzzing with “Reason to Believe”!

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Thunder 3″ Manga: Yuki Ikeda

The first volume of an exceptionally remarkable work that was nominated for the “Next Comic Award 2022” as soon as its first story was published in a magazine has been released and has been receiving a great response.

As soon as the first story appeared in the June issue of “Monthly Shonen Magazine” on May 6, 2022, it created quite a buzz on Twitter. The first episode of “Thunder 3” was published in the June issue of Gekkan Shonen Magazine on May 6, 2022, and it was a big sensation on Twitter. I’m curious to see what happens next.

The frontispiece depicts three boys in school uniforms with stuffed collars and a girl with a dog, and it looks like a “bad-ass,” heartwarming, everyday manga with a Showa-era feel. The main characters are three junior high school students, Pyontaro, Hiroshi, and Tsubame, who are not very smart or strong, and whose topics of conversation include Pyontaro’s younger sister, Futaba, eroticism, and the popular manga magazine “Jampi.

However, a “certain disk” borrowed from a teacher at school suddenly connects them to another dimension, and Futaba is kidnapped by aliens. The Pintaro and his friends go on a great adventure in the other world in search of Futaba. In other words, this work is “a multiverse battle manga that you start reading thinking is a heartwarming everyday manga, but it is actually a multiverse battle manga!

The design is also one of the magnificent tricks. The picture design is one of the spectacular tricks, so watch out for the difference!

This is a scene in which one of the main characters, Pyontaro’s younger sister Futaba, is on the run in a different world. The gap between the elaborate mecha and Futaba’s drawing is eye-catching!

In the other dimensional world, there is an overly realistic background that looks like live-action, characters with tall heads and modern-style drawings, and huge space battleships and weapons that have been elaborately crafted. The brushwork is no less impressive than in such masterpieces as “AKIRA” and “GANTZ,” both of which are notable for their meticulous background depiction.

The threesome, however, remain in cartoonish heads. For this reason, they are considered unusual by the inhabitants of the other dimension, who say that they are anime. In fact, the magazine, with its mixture of two completely different illustrations, emits an indescribably disturbing atmosphere that slowly stimulates the reader’s sense of “this looks bad. No other work in the long history of manga has ever mixed such diametrically opposed illustrations. This overly novel device is the main reason for the buzz.

In the first volume of the comic book, the story takes an abrupt turn when Pyontarou and his friends go to see themselves living in a “different dimension” and meet strange aliens! The clash between the two types of artwork and the unorthodox and shocking developments make this work so addictive that you feel like your brain is going to bug out while you read it. We look forward to the future development of this work.

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The first episode of "Thunder 3" is now available for free!

  • Interview and text by Minako Nakamura

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