Fans rejoice at Yukina Kinoshita’s “tight black dress” reveal! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Fans rejoice at Yukina Kinoshita’s “tight black dress” reveal!

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Yukina Kinoshita has been attracting a lot of attention for her “tight black one-piece outfit” on her Instagram account. Comments of praise poured in, “The pose is too cute,” “God, she looks amazing.”

Kinoshita showed off her fall outfit coordination with her parents. They both look so cool in black boots! Daughter’s posing is just like Yukkina’s (from her Instagram @yukina1204xoxo).

Kinoshita showed a two-shot photo with her second daughter. Wearing a deep hat, Kinoshita is wearing a tight black one-piece dress. She usually posts on her Instagram that she works out at the gym, and one can’t help but sigh at her stunning proportions.

She is also seen with her second daughter in the photo, who seems to have something important to tell us.

I’m very happy to report that Makachin, my second daughter who is a little bit of a baby, started practicing to go up in reverse for the first time three or four days ago,” she said. She wanted to go around. You can do it if you try!” (from Kinoshita’s Instagram)

The black boots that go with the hat give it an autumnal look.

Born in Tokyo in 1987, Kinoshita, nicknamed “Yukkina,” was scouted in Shibuya in 2006 and entered the entertainment industry. Her breakthrough came when her unusual answers on a quiz show became the talk of the town, but she retired from show business in July 2020, citing the tapioca store scandal and other reasons. However, she later resumed her once-closed Instagram, and in 2021, she gradually resumed her entertainment activities, including being used as a product model for a fashion brand.

In the fall of 2009, she opened a YouTube channel. While she expressed her desire to make a full-fledged comeback, saying, “I still want to work in front of people,” she stated that she “will never appear on TV,” and expressed her intention to focus on YouTube and other activities.

Under such circumstances, Kinoshita’s case-like posts have been increasing greatly recently. Even though she has been out of show business for a while, her core fans still follow Kinoshita avidly.

In her personal life, she married Toshifumi Fujimoto of the comedy duo FUJIWARA in 2010 and has two daughters. Kinoshita is known to be an avid cook and once had a cooking show, and in 2014 published “Yukina Mei. as a book of “dishes that made my husband Toshifumi Fujimoto happy.

In the meantime, Kinoshita divorced Fujimoto on New Year’s Eve 2019. However, there have been no end of love rumors since then. She often posts on Instagram how she is getting along with Hidetoshi Miyuki, a J-League player with whom she is currently in a relationship.

We can’t take our eyes off Kinoshita more and more ……!

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