GACKT’s return to “Tonde Saitama” and “Ratings” will do no damage to his alleged infidelity. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

GACKT’s return to “Tonde Saitama” and “Ratings” will do no damage to his alleged infidelity.

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GACKT has returned from his health problems and will be back for the movie “Tonde Saitama” and “Ratings Check”…

I hope you will follow me so that you won’t say, “You’re no good.

Singer GACKT attended a talk show about “anti-aging” on November 20 and called out to his fans. He talked about his struggle against the disease.

He said, “My skin became ragged due to a lowered immune system, and I started losing my hair, so I couldn’t appear on the stage.

I had been recovering from my illness for about a year, and what triggered the revival of my condition was stem cell therapy, which is a regenerative medicine. When I was ill, I also suffered from hair loss, but thanks to the stem cell therapy, my skin and scalp are returning to normal.

I have lost weight after a long time,” he said.

I was worried that she might have lost weight and looked very thin. He may not be in his prime yet.

GACKT will return to TV Asahi’s annual special program “Celebrity Ratings Check,” which will be aired at the beginning of the new year, according to a report in “Sports Nippon” dated January 21. He has appeared on the show since 2009 and is currently on a 65-game winning streak.

GACKT is so perfect that people suspect he is being made to look like a fake, but he denies it completely. He says he is under so much pressure when he performs that he suffers from alopecia areata. However, he was absent from the broadcast last year because he was on hiatus,” said a person involved in a wide-ranging TV show.

GACKT announced his hiatus on September 8 of last year, but on September 17, a woman stayed over at GACKT’s home in Tokyo. GACKT announced his hiatus on September 8 last year, but on September 17, a woman allegedly “stayed over” at GACKT’s home in Tokyo.

The woman is a fan of GACKT, and when I sent her a DM on Instagram, she replied and we connected. There were several photos of her and her husband on his Instagram, so GACKT’s excuse that he didn’t know she was married was not valid.

The woman’s husband, who felt suspicious, looked at her phone and discovered her affair with GACKT, and when he questioned her about it, she confessed. It seems that the woman also sent a message to GACKT saying, “My husband found out.

And not only the “rating,” but also the filming of the sequel to “Tonde Saitama,” in which GACKT starred, which had been suspended, has resumed. In short, there was “no blame” for the affair.

GACKT is said to be connected with influential people in the entertainment industry. Even when weekly magazines contacted GACKT’s office, they did not respond at all and have so far decided to “go through the motions.

While some celebrities are forced to hold an apology conference, suspend their activities, or discontinue commercials, GACKT has suffered no damage. He may have been fighting an illness, and some may sympathize with him, but I wonder if his sponsors are satisfied with his “rating” return…” (A women’s magazine reporter)

GACKT, who was also reported to be having trouble with virtual currency in the past, may have the “qualities of a star” in that he is never short of topics of conversation…

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