Masami Nagasawa’s reputation has been skyrocketing with “Elpis”…! Masami Nagasawa’s “Too many beauties” in her career. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Masami Nagasawa’s reputation has been skyrocketing with “Elpis”…! Masami Nagasawa’s “Too many beauties” in her career.

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December 2015. Masami Nagasawa (28) at the Nikkan Sports Film Awards ceremony. She won the Best Supporting Actress Award for her role in the movie “Umimachi Diary.”

Masami Nagasawa (35)’s reputation is exploding.

In “Elpisu: Hope or Disaster” (Kantele/Fuji TV), which started on October 24, Nagasawa plays a female announcer who is investigating a mysterious case in which a false accusation has surfaced. This is Nagasawa’s first starring role in a drama series in four years, since “Confidence Man JP” (Fuji TV), in which she played a major role. Nagasawa’s character also suffers from insomnia and eating disorders, repeatedly vomits, and struggles against the absurdity of power and the TV station, but is also overcome by his own weakness. Nagasawa’s performance, filled with realism, keeps viewers glued to the screen week after week.

Nagasawa’s performance is so convincing that viewers are glued to the screen every week. “It took six years from the planning stage for this drama to finally be made into a drama, as it had the potential to antagonize the police, prosecutors, and courts,” says Nagasawa. Ms. Nagasawa was offered the role early on, and it was a drama that she had been waiting for. Naturally, she had to learn how to announce her role so that she could accurately express the character of the main character, and she also had to lose so much weight that it would not be an exaggeration to say that she lost a lot of weight,” said a producer from a production company.

It goes without saying that Nagasawa’s acting is highly acclaimed, but what is attracting renewed attention is her “beautiful style. In the drama, she is often seen running in a cap and running clothes, and her “beautiful style” is also attracting attention, as it is hard to believe that she has “lost a lot of weight.

On November 13, the official Instagram of the drama was updated with a photo of Nagasawa in running clothes.

The photo showed Nagasawa in running clothes, with the following comments: “Beautiful face, beautiful legs, too much style.

Her legs are too long!

In her 20s, Nagasawa attracted much attention for her beautiful legs and sex appeal, but since entering her 30s, her beauty has become more sophisticated and stylish. Let us take a look back at Nagasawa’s “beautiful style” over the past decade.

January 2011. Nagasawa was 23 years old when she appeared as a judge at the “7th Toho Cinderella Audition. Her beautiful skin and legs are dazzling.
March 2012. On location for the TV drama “Urban Legend Girl” (TV Asahi) in which she starred. Co-star Junpei Mizobata (22 at the time) couldn’t help but glance at Nagasawa (24) in a super mini-skirt.
April 2015. Nagasawa (27) in private coming out of a Korean restaurant with a friend. She is a healthy beauty with almost no makeup on.
December 2015. Nagasawa (28) at the Nikkan Sports Film Awards ceremony. Nagasawa’s overwhelming style drew the audience’s attention.
June 2018. Nagasawa (31) at the stage greeting for the opening of the movie “50 Times First Kiss. A glimpse of her raw legs is sexy!
February 2020. Nagasawa (32) at the 62nd Blue Ribbon Awards ceremony. She won the Best Actress Award for her role in “Confidence Man JP.
December 2021. Nagasawa (34) comes out of the dressing room after a performance. She is dressed in a simple, loose-fitting fashion, but there is no hiding her good style.
In early August this year, Nagasawa enjoyed shopping in Aoyama (Shibuya Ward). At that time, filming for “Elpis” had already begun.
Nagasawa in sportswear shown on the official Instagram of “Elpis” on November 13. Her legs are too long!
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