The drama “GREAT LOVE” and the movie “My Daddy”… The “madness” in Murotsuyoshi | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The drama “GREAT LOVE” and the movie “My Daddy”… The “madness” in Murotsuyoshi

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Murotsuyoshi played the lead role in the movie “My Daddy” for the first time. He has a strong comical image, so some people were surprised to see him in an unexpected role.

Actor Tsuyoshi Muro played his first leading role in the movie “My Daddy,” which is currently in theaters.

Why wasn’t the movie he starred in, which he won on his 25th anniversary as an actor, a comedy? Some people are surprised.

“Muro plays Kazuo Mido, a pastor who lost his beloved wife eight years ago and is raising his junior high school daughter Hikari (Noa Nakata) by himself. He was leading a modest but happy life, working part-time at a gas station. However, when his beloved daughter becomes ill and he is confronted with an unbelievable truth, Muro passionately plays the role of a good-natured and sincere father who struggles to save his daughter despite being at the mercy of fate.

Two hours after encountering the script, Muro said, “I want to be in this world. I want to be this man (Kazuo). Every time the script was revised, he was asked to give his thoughts on it, and he was also deeply involved in the production of the film, participating in the audition for the role of Hikari, his daughter. That’s why he says he still can’t calmly watch the finished film.” (Wide show insider)

There is a reason why Muro is so devoted to “My Daddy”.

“Muro’s parents divorced when he was four years old. However, his father, who had custody of him, went to live with another woman, and he was left in the care of a relative.

Muro’s character, Kazuo, was also not raised by his parents, and both of them have lived with the same feelings.

Muro has an uncompromising pride in life. In September of this year, he appeared on the TBS program “Sunday’s Hatsu-mimigaku.

“I can’t allow my personality to be distorted just because I don’t have parents.

“I hate it. I hate it. In movies, the parents of murderers and people who do strange things are divorced and single parents.

Maybe that’s why.

“I don’t have parents, but I’ll continue to show them that I’m smiling like this.

I have no parents, but I will continue to show that I am smiling like this.

25 years of acting. He has been an actor for 25 years, and there is no shortage of stories about the hardships he has faced along the way.

It was in 2011, at the age of 35, that he finally got his big break in the TV drama series “YUSHA YOSHIHIKO” (TV Tokyo). Since then, he has appeared in the “HK Kamen Mask” film series, the “Gintama” film series, “Today I Am! He has been an indispensable part of Yuichi Fukuda’s hit movies such as “Today I Am!

The producer of this film, Koichi Murayama, said, “The story is based on a serious subject, but I wanted to make sure it wasn’t too serious. On the other hand, there are many people in the world who are really suffering from leukemia, so we needed an actor who could play both serious and comedic roles. When I thought about it, I couldn’t think of anyone else but Mr. Muro.” Director Junichi Kanai said, “I had a strong image of Mr. Muro as a comedian, but I’m sure he has a face that he hasn’t shown yet. I really wanted to capture his unseen face.” (Production company producer)

The actor Muro Tsuyoshi’s crazy scene comes in the latter half of the film.

“When his daughter Hikari is unable to find a donor for her leukemia, she is accosted by two men as she wanders the streets at night. One of the men embraces Hikari, protecting her with all his might. The strong affection and the somewhat crazy expression on Muro’s face in that scene is something I’ve never seen before, and it gave me chills.

Muro has a face that he has yet to show us. Producer Masako Miyazaki, who worked on the 2006 Friday drama “Great Love – Boku wo Furusake Kimi to” (TBS), is not afraid to say so.

“The drama is a classic love story about the miracle of love over 10 years between Hisashi Kitazawa (Erika Toda), a doctor suffering from juvenile Alzheimer’s disease, and Shinji Mamiya (Muro), a former novelist who supports her. Miyazaki, who was the AD for the drama “Sora Tobu Houdou Hoshou Shitsuro” (TBS) broadcast in 2001, was very impressed by the “sad expression” that Muro sometimes shows while playing a comical role, and thought that he would like to work in a non-comedy drama someday. I’ve been thinking about it.

The drama “Great Love” tends to be dark because of the motif of illness. He said that he wanted to leave it to Muro’s “somewhat philosophical cheerfulness,” and that is why he appointed him. When the show started, some viewers felt uncomfortable with Muro’s kissing scene, but as the show went on, the Internet was flooded with comments such as, “Muro is starting to look handsome” and “It makes me squeal.

After enduring a long dark period in his life, he finally grabbed the leading role after 25 years as an actor. In “My Daddy,” the pastor, Kazuo, overcomes his hardships with the teachings of “God never gives you a trial you can’t overcome” over and over again. I wonder if I am the only one who was moved to tears when I saw Muro Tsuyoshi’s life superimposed on his.

Muro is not afraid to say, “(I’m) still only known for about a sixth of myself. Who will open Muro’s “Pandora’s Box” next? I can’t wait to see his next film.

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