Former Prime Minister Hatoyama also “deluded” behind “gaffe king” Yoshiro Mori’s criticism of Zelensky | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Former Prime Minister Hatoyama also “deluded” behind “gaffe king” Yoshiro Mori’s criticism of Zelensky

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Former Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama tweets “gibberish” like Yoshiro Mori, who is also known as the “king of gibberish.

Former Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori, who has repeatedly made countless gaffes, has made another problematic comment.

On November 18, Mori attended a party in Tokyo for The Japan Innovation Party’s Member of the House of Councillors Muneo Suzuki.

He asked, “Why is it that only Russian President Vladimir Putin is criticized, while Mr. Zelensky is not scolded at all? Mr. Zelensky is causing a lot of suffering for the Ukrainian people.

He said, “Mr. Zelensky is hurting a lot of Ukrainians.

Mr. Mori has been known as the “king of gaffes” and has frequently made gaffes.
Most recently, on the 29th of last month, when he gave a speech at the 50th anniversary celebration of Kanazawa Medical University, he said, “If you use a cane, you can’t help people with physical disabilities.

He said, “When you wear a cane, you look like a physically handicapped person, and people take good care of you.

He remarked. This comment caused a firestorm, claiming that he was making fun of handicapped people. Before his tongue was dry, he repeated the gaffe again.

Mr. Suzuki, who held the meeting, is well known as a pro-Russian, and has often been called into question for his “defense of Russia” and bitter words against Ukraine on his blog and other media.

If Ukraine surrenders without fighting, it will be occupied and its people will be killed or forced into forced labor.

Currently, the war situation in Ukraine is picking up, as Ukrainians have succeeded in recapturing a part of the Herson Oblast. The “Russophiles” such as Mr. Suzuki and Mr. Mori are aware of the current difficult situation in Russia, and they are probably asking Ukrainian forces to surrender.

Is Zelensky making Ukrainians suffer due to the protracted war, as Mori says?

Reuters reports that in a poll conducted by the International Institute of Sociology in Kyiv (KIIS) on October 21-23, 86% of respondents said they need to continue fighting Russia even if missile attacks continue. This shows that Ukrainians do not want to surrender to Russia at this point.

And there is actually a former prime minister who has made an even more unforgivable statement on Twitter than Mori. On November 17, he posted the following tweet.

Two people died when a missile landed in Poland. It was Russia that was first suspected. So was the Bucha massacre. They made a big deal that it was Russia.

Eventually it turned out to be a Ukrainian and British plan, and the fuss stopped. This time, too, it turned out that Ukraine fired the missiles to intercept Russian missiles. Is it an intercept? Isn’t it the other way around?

Hatoyama also stated that the Bucha massacre “turned out to have been planned by Ukraine and the UK.”

The Russian military claims that the Bucha massacre was “faked. However, this claim has not been accepted internationally, as the New York Times and the BBC have verified satellite photos of Bucha in chronological order and denied the Russian military’s claims. On what basis did Mr. Hatoyama determine that it was a “Ukrainian and British plan?

The statements of Mori, Hatoyama, and other former Japanese prime ministers may become an international issue.

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