After losing weight and the shadow warrior theory…the surprising reason for Kim Jong-un’s “face t-shirt release” | FRIDAY DIGITAL

After losing weight and the shadow warrior theory…the surprising reason for Kim Jong-un’s “face t-shirt release”

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Kim Jong-un visits the venue of the National Defense Development Exhibition. Behind him is a photo of him in a rare military uniform (Image: KNS/KCNA/AFP/Afro)

A large, muscular man destroys tiles one after another with his bare hands. On top of the shattered pieces of glass, he lies down with his bare upper body and shouts loudly to raise his spirits.

The “Self-Defense 2021” exhibition of national defense development began in North Korea on October 11. Kim Jong-un, the leader of the DPRK, applauded the flamboyant performance by the soldiers of the DPRK People’s Army as he watched with his senior military officers.

The exhibition was an event to introduce North Korea’s latest weapons. There were more than 20 types of missiles on display, including the new Mars-16 missile, as well as numerous military items on display, including 30mm rockets and military trucks.

“This is the first time that a large-scale exhibition of weapons has been held in North Korea. This year marks the tenth anniversary of Kim Jong-un’s ascension to the supreme leader. It is likely that the exhibition aims to show how North Korea’s military power has developed, both at home and abroad.

On October 14, the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) proudly reported, “The exhibition on the development of the country’s national defense was held at the National Palace Museum in Seoul.

On October 14, the Korean Central News Agency proudly reported: “The exhibition on the development of national defense is a condensation of our nation’s mighty military power. Amid growing social interest, there is no end to the crowds of visitors.

The purpose of displaying the photos of military uniforms

Kim Jong-un T-shirts worn by members of the band (from Korean Central Television)

Kim Jong-un’s recent transformation has become a topic of concern, and he appeared at the 73rd anniversary of the founding of the country’s military review ceremony on September 9 looking very thin. The flesh on his neck and cheeks had fallen off, making him look slimmer and more youthful than if he were 40 years old. There are even rumors that she is a shadow warrior, as she looks like a different person.

“There were two noteworthy incidents at this exhibition.

The first is that the exhibition hall was full of people who had been there before.

“The first was the display of a huge portrait of Kim Jong-un in military uniform at the venue. Kim has never appeared in public in military uniform before. Although photos of him in military uniform have been released in the past, the timing of this release is curious. I think it is a sign of his strong will to overcome the crisis such as the spread of the new coronavirus and economic stagnation as he reaches the 10-year milestone as a leader.

The second unusual event was even more surprising.

The opening ceremony of the exhibition was attended not only by Kim but also by his sister Kim Yo Jong and other female officials. Beside them, the orchestra members were playing music loudly. ……

“The band members were wearing T-shirts with human faces printed on them. It was the face of Kim Jong-un. In North Korea, textbooks and books with the face of the supreme leader printed on them are called “No. 1 publications” and are the first to be protected. Newspapers, for example, have to be folded in a unique way to avoid creasing the face.

Since the “Face T-Shirt” was worn in public, it must be an official product approved by Kim Jong-un. In North Korea, it is compulsory for the people to wear badges with the portraits of President Kim Il Sung and General Secretary Kim Jong Il on their chests. However, Kim Jong-un does not often wear the badge, perhaps because he does not like it. Even in deifying himself, he does not take the old method of badges. I think this is a modern appeal that only Kim can make, as he is said to have a great interest in foreign fashion.

According to North Korean regulations, Kim Jong-un’s “face t-shirt” also falls under the category of “No. 1 publication” that must be handled with extreme caution. If they are washed or folded incorrectly, they can be subject to heavy penalties, so the band members who wore them must have been worried.

  • Photo KNS/KCNA/AFP/Afro

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