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“Congratulations to Princess Mako from an Imperial Family journalist

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On the morning of the 18th, three weeks after returning from the U.S., Kei Komuro left his home in Yokohama after completing his voluntary quarantine. His destination was, of course, the Akasaka Imperial Palace, where his beloved Princess Mako was waiting for him.

Kei Komuro enters the Akasaka Imperial Palace, where his beloved Princess Mako is waiting. His profile, which has grown strong after overcoming rough times, shows his determination.

It’s been three years since we’ve seen each other. It’s been a year since they’ve seen each other, so I’m sure Mako is very happy. They’re finally getting married. I’m very happy for her.

Imperial family journalist Midori Watanabe, who has consistently spoken out in support of the young couple’s marriage, expressed her relief.

“I want to tell them, “You did your best.

“I want to tell her that she did a great job. After enduring so much bashing, Mako had conflicts with her parents, but she still went through with it. Mako’s single-mindedness is quite remarkable. In a way, I feel that she has the strength of will of the royal family. And, you know, this single-mindedness and stubbornness is just like her father’s.”

As is well known, His Imperial Highness Prince Akishino met Princess Noriko at a bookstore while he was a student at Gakushuin University, and their relationship began.

“In the case of members of the Imperial Family, they usually go through a process similar to that of an arranged marriage, where they ‘meet’ the appropriate person of the opposite sex prepared by those around them, have a relationship, get engaged, and get married. However, His Imperial Highness Prince Akishino did not do this, and married a woman of his own choosing. At the time, I heard that some members of the Imperial Family did not think so well of this.

However, even Michiko’s marriage was opposed by some who called her a “commoner. Before that, Emperor Showa’s marriage was also very difficult. That’s the way it is when the royal family gets married.

The Kikuei Fellowship…

The news reports about Mr. Komuro have been tremendous over the past few months.

“It seems that there’s a lot going on with your mother. I’m sure you’ve heard a lot about her. At the Kikuei Fellowship, a gathering of the relatives of the Imperial Family, there were many people who said, ‘I can’t stand to be with her. I’ve heard that there are some people who say, “I can’t stand to be with her. However, it is up to them to resolve these issues one by one. As Michiko has always said, marriage is a decision for the couple to make.

I have no worries about my new life in America.

Mako has declined the lump-sum payment that will be given to her upon her marriage.

“I’ve always said that the two of them should be able to make a living on their own without the lump-sum payment. That’s what I’ve been saying to her. As it turned out, I was right, and we received calls from all over the place (laughs).

Her new life will be in New York, so I’m sure Mako will be working there. In the U.S., we don’t have an imperial family or a royal family, so the admiration for the royal family is strong. As a member of the royal family, Mako may have more opportunities to work than her husband Komuro, who is a lawyer. A job as a curator is also good. It would be easier and more enjoyable than being in Japan, and she would be able to live her own life. Both Mako and Kei 30 Mako and Kei are both 30 years old. I have no worries. I can only pray for their happiness. Congratulations to all of you.

Midori Watanabe: Journalist and visiting professor at Bunka Gakuen University. Born in Tokyo in 1934. After graduating from Waseda University, she joined Nippon Television Network Corporation. After graduating from Waseda University, she joined Nippon Television Network Corporation, where she was in charge of news and information programs. She has been covering the Imperial Family since the news of Michiko’s wedding. She has written many books, including “From Michiko to Mako and Kako: How to Raise a Princess” (Ko Shobo) and “Michiko: That Day, That Time” (Kodansha).

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