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World Cup “Real Strengths” of Key Rival Nations Threaten Japan

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Germany FIFA Ranking 11th

Broadcast Date: November 23, from 10:00 p.m.
Broadcaster: NHK/ABEMA

Jamal Musiala (19) Bayern Munich. He is a German treasure with a market value of 100 million euros (about 14.5 billion yen). Performs all tasks to a high standard.
Germany’s organizational strength has given way to “overwhelming individual skills

The most difficult part of advancing to the final tournament is the first game against Germany. Aiming to win the tournament for the fifth time in as many years, the German team is led by Jamal Musiala (19), a rising star on the verge of a breakthrough. Jamal Mussiara, 19, is a breakout star for Germany, who will be looking to win their fifth Bundesliga championship in as many years as Brazil.

He plays mainly in the top half of the German national team and is the one who wields the offensive baton. He doesn’t have flashy feints, but he has a unique way of holding the ball with a deep pocket that keeps him from losing it. He has a very flexible body and is a good passer of physical contact.

Lothar Matheus (61), a German hero, said, “He plays like magic, like Messi. In front of him is Thomas Muller (33), who has scored 10 goals in all competitions at the World Cup. On the other hand, they have a weakness in defense.

Germany has only one defensive midfielder. This is due to the coach’s idea of being aggressive from the front. Japan’s tactic may be to use a lot of long balls to avoid being pressed head-on by the opponent. If you are too aggressive and play carefully from the DF line, you will get the ball in your opponent’s basket. If Japan tries to be aggressive and play the ball carefully from the DF line, it will be a recipe for the opponent to get their way. Schlotterbeck (22), who plays one of the CBs, has a lot of unevenness. I would like to see them play a winning style of soccer rather than a clean game,” said Mimura.

The difference between winning and losing will be to continue to be cunning and exploit defensive lapses.

Costa Rica FIFA Ranking 31st

Broadcast date: November 27, 19:00 –
Broadcasting station: TV Asahi / ABEMA

Kaylor Navas (35) plays for Paris Saint-Germain. He is still one of the best players in the world, although he is a reserve in his team. He also supports the defense with his precise coaching.
Luis Suarez, 62, is known for his solid defense, using either a back three or back four depending on the opponent. He is trusted by the players.

A guardian god and a curmudgeonly coach create the strongest defense.

Costa Rica is the only team in the qualifying league that surpasses Japan in the FIFA rankings. However, Costa Rica is by no means an easy opponent. Sportswriter Masao Kurihara says, “The key to the team will be their guardian angel.

The key to the team will be their guardian, Keylor Navas (35), who has super reflexes. He is a world-class keeper with superhuman reflexes, and once he gets going, he is untouchable, making super saves after super save. The tenacious defense centered around him is Costa Rica’s hallmark.”

Costa Rica’s coach, Luis Suarez (62), will further strengthen this characteristic.

This is the third World Cup for Costa Rica,” he said. In the 2006 World Cup in Germany, I led Ecuador to the last 16. I know how to win the qualifying rounds. Furthermore, North and Central America has played the largest number of national team matches since the expansion of the new Corona in 2008, compared to other regions. The number of substitutions will increase from three to five for this year’s tournament, but I am sure they have already established how to play under the new rules,” said Mimura.

How should Japan fight in the face of a strong defense?

Costa Rica does not have much height, so it will be effective to use the taller players such as Ueda and Machino. I think the match will unfold with Costa Rica pulling back and Japan holding the ball. If that is the case, it may be more effective to bring in technical players such as Minamino, Kubo, and Doan (Ritsu, 24) rather than speedy players such as Ito and Maeda,” said Kurihara.

Do not underestimate them as a “lower-ranked” team.

Spain FIFA Ranking #7

Broadcast Date: December 2, 4:00 p.m.
Broadcasting station: Fuji Television Network/ABEMA

Pedri (19) Barcelona (right) Gabi (18) Barcelona (left) Both have been a fixture in the national team since their debut last year. Amid calls for a generational change, high expectations are placed on these two players.

A golden teenage duo supporting an unbeatable squad

Spain has not been able to achieve good results in international competitions in recent years. The key to Spain’s recovery lies in two players who play for Barcelona.

The two players who will be the focus of attention are the teenage duo of Pedri (19) and Gabi (18),” said the manager of Barcelona’s football club, Marco Pérez. Heirs to Xavi (42) and Iniesta (38), members of the 2010 World Cup winning team, they embody Spanish passing soccer with their ability to read the game and world-class technical ability. He is the embodiment of Spanish passing football, with his ability to read the game and his world-class technical ability. He also has good timing in joining attacks, finding space and instantly breaking into the area to score a goal,” said Mimula.

The total market value of the two players, as announced by the data site “transfer markt” on November 7, is 190 million euros (about 27.5 billion yen). The total market value of the two is 190 million euros (about 27.5 billion yen). How should Japan compete against the golden duo, the world’s strongest in both name and reality? Mr. Kurihara reveals the key players.

The important thing is to keep pressing the midfield triangle, including the two heartbeats of Spain and anchor Sergio Busquets (34), and not let them pass the ball around comfortably. If you keep pressing without panicking when you have the ball, Spain will surely make a mistake at some point. The spearhead of such an aggressive defense is the FW Maeda. By applying pressure from the front with his overwhelming speed and inexhaustible stamina, unexpected chances may roll in.

If they can take away Spain’s strength of freedom in the midfield, Japan will have a chance to win.

A list of the greats you can’t afford to miss!
Star Players & Managers to Watch at the World Cup

There are still many key players to watch on the world’s greatest stage. The one to watch above all is Portugal’s superstar Cristiano Ronaldo (37), who is likely to make his last World Cup appearance. Sportswriter Shigeki Sugiyama explains.

His high scoring ability and ability to drive forward vertically are still among the best in the world. It is hard to believe that he will turn 38 next February. His 117 goals for the national team are the most in history. If he scores a goal in this year’s tournament, he will become the first player in history to score in five consecutive tournaments. From an age standpoint, he does not have long to live. We are looking forward to seeing how he will play on the stage that will be the culmination of his career.

Lionel Messi of the Argentina national team also turned 35 this year. It is likely that this will be the last time we will see him in this tournament. He won the Copa America in 2009 as his first national team title. I think he is aiming to keep the momentum going and win the World Cup, which he has longed for.”

While there are high expectations for the success of the legendary players, Germany, which Japan will face in the qualifying league, has a child prodigy who was selected for the national team at the tender age of 17.

At 16 years and 28 days old, he is the youngest player ever to score a goal in the Bundesliga, and if he plays in the World Cup, he will break Germany’s record for the youngest player ever to play in a World Cup. His explosive acceleration, which allows him to leave defenders behind in an instant, is his greatest weapon.

It is not only his play that attracts spectators. There are also players who are popular because of their handsome looks.

Mason Mount (23), a key player in the England national team’s midfield, also attracts fans with his sweet mask. I hear that many women come to the games with fans with their names on them, which are used to cheer on idols.

The coaches are also diverse. The coach of the Serbian national team is a legend, a man who is well-known to Japanese people.

He is Dragan Stojkovic (57), nicknamed ‘Pixie. He took over as coach in 2009, and in the European qualifying rounds for this year’s World Cup, the team topped its group, beating Portugal in the process. His most powerful weapon is his strong counter attack from his solid defense. Many of their players have already achieved results in the four major European leagues, and they are expected to be the eye of the typhoon in this tournament.

Who will be the “star” of this year’s tournament?

Dragan Stojkovic is a pixie who has been leading his home country since last year. His physique has changed a bit, but his skillful leadership is still there.
Jusufa Mukoko Germany national team: 6 goals and 3 assists in the league this season. Will she be able to leave her mark on the national team after being called up to the next level?

From the December 2 and 9, 2022 issues of FRIDAY


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