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NHK’s Wakuda, Fuji’s Kuji… Announcer and athlete’s “happy love” photos

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Fuji’s Anna Kuji enjoying a drive date with Yakult’s Hara, taken in April 2007.

An evening in April 2007. A tall man appeared from the back door of a luxury apartment building in Ebisu, Tokyo. As the man hailed his car in front of the multi-story parking garage, a slim woman wearing a black jacket over a one-piece dress appeared shortly after.

Akiko Kuji, 27, an announcer of Fuji Television Network, got into the passenger seat of a black Audi with a smile on her face as she came down to the ground. The man at the wheel is Juri Hara, 28, a pitcher for Yakult.

The man behind the wheel is Juri Hara (28), a pitcher for Yakult. “Kuji, who was an exclusive model for non no when she was at Aoyama Gakuin University, is a popular announcer who is considered to be the post Ayako Kato. Hara, on the other hand, was the best pitcher in the Tohto League when he was at Toyo University, and joined Yakult in the first round of the 2004 draft. When she first joined the team, she hit a wall with the pros, but since 2006 she has been active as a starting pitcher.

A female announcer and an athlete. Female announcers and athletes were and still are a combination that has a high probability of becoming a couple. Baseball, soccer, relay races, basketball ……. I’d like to introduce the passionate love and marriage of athletes and announcers with treasured photos.

Wearing a pure white wedding dress in the city center at night

NHK’s Anna Wakuda married a star of the Hakone relay race. Photo taken in August 2007.

A night in August 2007. In August 2007, NHK “News Watch 9” anchor Mayuko Wakuda (32) was seen in a pure white wedding dress in front of a large commercial building in Nihonbashi, Tokyo.

“The wedding reception ended in the evening. The wedding reception ended in the evening, and the after-party was held at a bar lounge in Nihonbashi. The wedding party ended in the evening and the after party was held at a bar lounge in Nihonbashi. The dress was designed with an open back, and the attendees all exclaimed, “It’s so beautiful! (An acquaintance of Anna Wakuda’s)

Her partner was said to be an “ordinary person,” but he was actually a well-known figure in the track and field world.

“He was a star athlete on the Waseda University track and field team. Not only was he famous as one of the most handsome men in the Ekiden world, but he also played a dead heat with Ryuji Kashiwabara of Toyo University, the “God of the Mountains,” in the 2011 Hakone Ekiden, contributing greatly to Waseda University’s victory. After graduating from university, he joined one of the five major trading companies. He met Anna Wakuda through a friend after he entered the workforce,” says an acquaintance of the groom.

As the two were the envy of all elites, the guests at the ceremony were also gorgeous.

“The groom’s side was from a trading company, and his wife was from the same company. The groom’s side was attended by members of the winning team of the Hakone Ekiden, including the bigwigs of the trading company. Yasuyuki Watanabe, who was the coach of the race team when he was a student, was also there.

Popular Announcer and Olympic Athlete at Yakitori Restaurant

In October 2007, Okazaki and Nakamura enjoyed a date at a popular yakitori restaurant in Tokyo.

A little after 10 p.m. in October of 2007, a handsome man with broad shoulders was seen at a yakitori restaurant with red lanterns in Tokyo. The man was gesturing and making watery motions, explaining something to a healthy-looking woman sitting across from him. The young man is Katsumi Nakamura, 27, who also competed in the men’s 100m freestyle swimming event at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics.

An hour later, Nakamura and the woman left the yakitori restaurant, arm in arm. The beautiful woman leaning against Nakamura with a happy smile is Maki Okaae (29), a popular freelance announcer as a sportscaster. She has been called “the too-black female announcer” because of her wheat-colored skin, and has been attracting a lot of attention by publishing a photo book in which she shows off her bikini body.

The two of them huddled tightly together, and returned to Nakamura’s apartment located a couple of minutes walk from the restaurant.

A source who knows the two well says, “They met in 18 years ago.

The first time they met was in the variety show “Junk SPORTS” (Fuji TV), which aired in November 2006. They hit it off right away because Okazakie learned to swim when he was a child and they both graduated from Waseda University. In the beginning, they had several dinner dates with mutual friends, and in the summer of 2007, they started dating.

There are many places where female announcers and athletes meet, such as on news gathering sites and variety shows. There are many opportunities for female announcers and athletes to meet, such as at news gathering sites and on variety shows. This “cross-industrial couple” will continue to show us their happiness.

Tomoko Honda (then Fuji) and Makoto Hasebe, a soccer player, photographed in 2009.
Yuki Maeda (TV Asahi at the time) and Yuta Taguse (basketball player).
Yuki Maeda (TV Asahi at the time) and basketball player Yuta Taguse, taken in 2013.
Ichiro and Yumiko Fukushima, a former TBS analyst, announced their marriage in December 1999.
Seibu’s Daisuke Matsuzaka celebrates his birthday at the apartment of then NTV analyst Michiyo Shibata, taken in 2000.
This is the first time I’ve ever been to the Olympics.
Seiji Kobayashi, the Giants’ handsome catcher, and Fuji’s Satoshi Miyazawa, photographed in 2003.
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