Avril Lavigne’s “divine response” on her first Japan tour in 8 years | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Avril Lavigne’s “divine response” on her first Japan tour in 8 years

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The fans surrounding Avril were mostly foreigners. Some core fans came all the way to Japan for this live tour.

Canadian diva Avril Lavigne (38), celebrating the 20th anniversary of her debut, closed her first Japan tour in eight years on November 14.

The “Avril Lavigne Love Sux Tour 2022 Japan,” which began on November 7, was originally scheduled to take place in May 2020. The performance at the Tokyo Garden Theater on November 9 began with an original movie showing Avril’s memorial photo, and when the movie ended, Avril was silhouetted against the wall. After the movie ended, Avril appeared in silhouette.

After the movie ended, Avril appeared in silhouette, shouting “Are you ready?

Avril appeared with a shout of “Are you ready?

I missed you!

in Japanese, which excited the audience. During the live performance, Avril said

This year has been really great. I’ve toured my home country Canada, toured with my friend Machine Gun Kelly, released new music in the form of a new album “Love Sux,” and now I get to tour in Japan! (from “billboard JAPAN” [live report])

(from “billboard JAPAN” [live report]).

Avril toured Japan in February 2014, but then she contracted Lyme disease, a bacterial infection transmitted by ticks, and was bedridden for five months from the end of that year to the following year. Although he overcame the disease, the corona pandemic prevented him from performing as much as he had hoped, so I heard that he had been very careful in managing his health prior to this visit to Japan.

It was in the evening of mid-November when Corona appeared at Tokyo Station to move on to Nagoya, the next stop of the tour, after finishing the Tokyo concert without incident. During his stay in Tokyo, he had refrained from going out most of the time to guard against coronas, and on this day he was wearing a mask tightly. Fans who had been waiting for her at the hotel every day were flocking to the diva for autographs, but Avril stopped firmly and politely signed autographs for each and every one of them.

Avril is a Japanophile who visited Japan every year until 2014, and we are sure we will see her again next year.

His fiancée, punk rocker Mod Sun (35), also made a surprise appearance. He was seen hugging her during the concert.
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