Once in 12 years, a lucky period!” Junya Ito, the “Inazuma” of the World Cup, is ready to make his mark on the world stage! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Once in 12 years, a lucky period!” Junya Ito, the “Inazuma” of the World Cup, is ready to make his mark on the world stage!

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He has a thick life line.

Junya Ito (29) has a thick “life line,” making him a powerful and strong fortune hunter. In addition, his “emotion line” and “intelligence line” are about the same length, so he has a balanced personality. There is a thick line on the Venus hill at the base of the thumb. This indicates a generous, detail-oriented personality with a high tolerance for stress. This is a character that is resistant to pressure from competitions,” says Yuria Fukatsuki, a palm reader and journalist.

The World Cup in Qatar will start on November 20. Ito, a forward, will hold the fate of the Moriyasu Japan team in his hands. Ito saved Japan from two defeats in the early rounds of the final qualifying rounds, as the attacking lineup was silenced. Ito scored goals in four consecutive games, using his speed and propulsive power, known as “Inazuma,” to help the team reach the quarterfinals in Qatar. It is no secret that Ito contributed greatly to the team’s success in getting to Qatar.

Japan’s long-cherished wish of reaching the last eight will surely depend on the performance of Japan’s signature attacker, who has also been successful as a striker for Henk (Belgium) and Stade de Reims (France), where he joined the team this season.

–I had a chance to get a glimpse of Ito, Japan’s key man in the World Cup, a little earlier than the start of the season, and the first thing Mr. Fukatsuki said was, “He is strong on the big stage. It is true that Ito, who sometimes appears to be a natural, is akin to the Keisuke Honda of yesteryear.

Look at the “First Mars Hill,” which connects your thumb and index finger, and the “Second Mars Hill,” which connects the bottom of your pinky finger to the emotion line. See the bulge? This indicates that you have the ability to discipline yourself, that you will not be defeated in spite of difficulties, that you have guts, and that you are an aggressive personality. If you look at the length of the fingers, the middle and ring fingers are the same length. This is common in people who are dynamic and have the ability to come up with resourceful ideas and tactics, as well as the aggressiveness to implement them. They are also very competitive. They are fast-paced, flamboyant, a little vain, and seek high-risk, high-reward. This matches Ito-san’s image quite well, don’t you think?” (Mr. Fukatsuki)

He was an unknown until college.

According to Fukatsuki, Ito will fail if he “gets too attached to his own way of doing things and teamwork goes awry, or if he takes rash actions on his own because he is too eager to take high-risk, high-return risks. To prevent Inazuma from running amok or getting carried away, midfielder Daichi Kamata (27), the leader of the team, must be attentive and watchful.

Strong points of the team are, “I think it’s the one-on-one with the defender, and the crosses,” said Kamata. And crossing.

He is strong in competition and has guts, but he is a little eccentric at his own pace.

To compete with the world’s best, Samurai Blue needs such a dynamic player. He is the missing piece in Japan’s quiet national team. Former Japan national team defender Tulio Tanaka (41), who knows the world well, has called Japan’s three frontrunners Takuma Asano (27, Bochum), Dainichi Maeda (25, Celtic), and Kisei Ueda (24, Cercle Brugge) ” unscary,” “goofy, goofy, goofy, goofy, ” and “they don’t score! They can’t score! It is still fresh in our memories.

Tulio was critical of Moriyasu Jia, saying, “They don’ t scare me at all! Tulio’s criticism of Moriyasu Japan’s attackers: “They don’t scare me at all! We also asked Fukatsuki to predict the fortunes of Ito, Japan’s “star of hope,” who has always lacked decisive power.

Ito’s luck is good for the matches against Germany on November 23, Costa Rica on November 27, and Spain on December 2 (……). This year is his once-in-twelve-year period of good luck. Especially during the World Cup period from the latter half of November to December, it is a turning point when he can see the path he should take. If we play as usual, remembering only to value teamwork, we will achieve great results.

Let’s look forward to a future in which Ito receives a huge offer from a big club after leading Japan to a long-desired top eight finish in the winter in Qatar.

In his first year at Henk, Ito won the Belgian league championship, and last season he was the leading assister with 16 assists.
Henk is a very good player,” said Henk, who won the Belgian League in his first season with Henk and was the top scorer in assists last season with 16. I am sure there will be space behind their defense, so I want to aim for those areas.

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