Fans rejoice as Anne Shin hye shows off her ‘too bold one shoulder’ look…! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Fans rejoice as Anne Shin hye shows off her ‘too bold one shoulder’ look…!

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Korean women’s professional golf player Anne Shin-hye, known as the “Sexy Queen,” has been making headlines for her “too bold one-shoulder” look, which she revealed on her Instagram account. I love it!” She has been flooded with comments of admiration such as, “She looks great,” and “She’s beautiful!

Anne looks stylish in a black cap. She looks spiffy, as if she was working in Rome, where she was on vacation (from her Instagram @shinaeahn).

Anne has recently visited Rome, Italy. It seems that she is staying there as a pure vacation, but she seems to be suffering from jet lag. While fighting jet lag, she seems to have been actively enjoying herself from the first day of her arrival in Italy, and has published photos of her strolling around the city and eating at a restaurant. In all of them, we can clearly see that she is enjoying her stay in Italy to the fullest.

Anne also showed a photo of her sitting on a sofa with a well-designed dot pattern. Anne is wearing a bold one-shoulder black and gray striped shirt and gray pants directly over it. She wears a black cap with large headphones over her ears, a tablet on her hip, and a stylus in her hand. Is this a work mode day? Anne looks a little serious, which is impressive.

She seems to like this dot-patterned sofa. She wrote on Instagram, “I want to bring this dope (best) back to Korea.

Born in Seoul, South Korea in 1990, Ahn moved to New Zealand when she was 9 years old and started playing golf seriously, joining the KLPGA in 2008 and becoming a professional golfer. She then decided to make her Japanese women’s golf debut in 2017. However, she had a string of bad luck at COVID-19 crisis and was unable to practice and participate in matches as much as she would have liked.

Since April this year, Anne has been staying in the U.S. intermittently to improve her fitness, and in April she played golf at the prestigious “Fallen Oak Golf Club” in Mississippi and participated in the “Augusta National Golf In June, he posted on Instagram that he was playing golf at Sheep Ranch in Oregon and Pelican Hill Golf Club in Newport Coast, California. He also posted pictures of himself relaxing in Palm Springs between training sessions, much to the amusement of his fans.

Fans had wondered if her trip to Rome was part of her training, but it seems that she is genuinely enjoying sightseeing with her friends.

More and more, we can’t take our eyes off Anne at ……!

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