Celebrating Pregnancy! Natsuki Taki Anna Lovey-dovey date scene photo shown with her handsome husband | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Celebrating Pregnancy! Natsuki Taki Anna Lovey-dovey date scene photo shown with her handsome husband

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Holding each other’s hands firmly, Takiana enjoyed their strolling date. She was smiling all the time, as if she was having a good time.

I am very sorry to tell you this, but we are expecting our first child.

On the November 18 broadcast of “Hirunandes! (NTV) on November 18, announcing the pregnancy of her first child was announcer Natsuki Taki (29). After the announcement, Taki was warmly congratulated by MC Kiyotaka Minamihara (57) and other co-hosts. She smiled happily at the congratulations.

She said, “My health is stable, and I plan to continue working for a while longer until I go on maternity leave. In April of this year, she announced her marriage on “Hernandez! in April of this year. Taki has been working as an assistant on the program since 2017, her second year with the company, and I think she wanted to make this announcement on “Hirunandes! I think she wanted to make the announcement on “Hirunandesu!

The two met up in front of the station a little after noon that day. They spent about 6 hours in the city, visiting a Japanese sweets shop and Don Quijote, and then headed home in good mood.

The couple married a classmate from their college days, as reported in the October 22/29, 2021 issue of “FRIDAY” (Japanese magazine).

He is an office worker at a general company. He is one year older than me, but we were classmates in college and had many mutual friends. Because of this, we developed a romantic relationship after graduation. After dating for about two and a half years, they got married this spring. They seem to be in love, and often enjoy cycling on their days off.

In fact, this magazine witnessed the couple on a lovey-dovey date last September. On that day, they went shopping in Asakusa and crossed the Sumida River to the Sky Tree. After stopping at a Japanese sweets shop for an hour to enjoy a sweet treat, they walked to Sumida Park in the twilight just before sunset. They enjoyed their date, holding hands without a care in the world. They returned to their downtown apartment together in a friendly mood.

Takiana and her lovey-dovey boyfriend have a new baby on the way. I hope they will continue to support each other and build a happy family.

During their date, her boyfriend put his hand on her back and gently escorted her.
At the end of the date, they went shopping together. They went back to the same apartment.
  • Photo Takero Shigeto, Shu Nishihara

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