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Haruka Fukuhara, “Soar! Curse of “Chimu Doton” exceeded by the net favorable reception

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NHK morning drama “Soar! Haruka Fukuhara is the heroine of the NHK morning drama “Soar! Some people may remember her as “Mayin-chan” because she appeared on E-television as a child actress…

The current morning drama “Soar! (NHK). (NHK). After the 6th week “The Miracle of the Swan” finished airing on November 11, all the episodes so far were replayed at once from midnight that day to the next day. The growth of Mai Iwakura, played by Haruka Fukuhara, has been the focus of renewed attention.

In this morning drama, the heroine Mai, who grew up in the manufacturing town of Higashi-Osaka and the Goto Islands in Nagasaki Prefecture, joins a human-powered airplane club at university, awakens to her dream of flying in the sky, and aspires to become a pilot.

The “Naniwa Birdman Arc,” in which Mai struggles to become a pilot of a human-powered airplane, was highly acclaimed by the netizens, with some even calling for a spin-off project. It is no exaggeration to say that this work has already been released from the spell of the previous “Chimu-Don,” which was plagued by anti-communist voices.

In particular, Yura (Ayako Yoshitani), the senior pilot of the human-powered airplane “Swan,” suffered a broken bone from an accident during a test flight. Mai’s training for the record flight on Lake Biwa in Yura’s place was a sight to behold.

Fukuhara had been coached on road biking before the filming, and she worked on her diet alongside her hard training in the hopes of convincing viewers.

Katsunori Takahashi, who played Fukuhara’s father and watched her closely, commented on a live TV show he appeared on in October called “Saturday Studio Park” that he was worried because Fukuhara was really working on her target weight and losing weight as she got thinner and thinner.

Haruka Fukuhara won the title of “morning drama heroine” in her fourth audition. Like Mai, when she was a child, she was “the type of child who couldn’t speak her mind.

“I was the type of child who could not express her own opinions

She has revealed that she, like Mai, was “the type of child who couldn’t express her own opinions. How was Haruka Fukuhara able to win the role of the heroine Mai? The production staff has an interesting story to tell.

Ritsutoki Kumano, the production supervisor, said of his impression of Fukuhara: “Although I could feel her strong will to play the role of Mai, the way she conveyed that will was not hot and energetic, but rather soft and cheerful. The character image of the dancer fit perfectly with the performance.

Tadashi Tanaka, chief director of the production, was also effusive in his praise, saying, “Ms. Fukuhara plays the heroine we have in mind in a natural way. Fukuhara’s naturally calm character was a necessary condition for playing the heroine Mai,” said a producer from the production company.

The previous work, “Chimu Dodon” has been criticized on the Internet, with flags like “#Chimu Dodon reflection meeting” being raised. Fukuhara plays the heroine admirably in the face of such headwinds. However, her true value as an actress will be tested in the future.

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