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Out of stock at Kyocera Dome… Surprising reason for Kintetsu merchandise “selling like hotcakes now!

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Kintetsu’s uniform with Taro Okamoto’s “raging bull symbol” design. The figure is 90’s ace Hideo Nomo (Image: Kyodo News)

The Kintetsu Buffaloes hats are sold out and out of stock. There is no word on when they will be restocked. For now, we only carry hats, but we frequently receive inquiries from customers asking if we have any other Kintetsu merchandise.

A person in charge of the “BsSHOP” baseball goods corner at Kyocera Dome, home of the Orix baseball team, said.

Kintetsu Buffaloes merchandise is selling like hotcakes. The Kintetsu Buffaloes were a Pacific League baseball team based in Osaka from 1949 to 2004, and merged with the Orix in 2004 as part of a reorganization of baseball teams.

One of the most impressive features of Kintetsu is its innovative uniform, which was used from 1976 to 1996. It was based on three colors: red, navy blue, and white, with a large ‘raging bull’ mark printed in the middle of the cap and on the right sleeve. It was designed by Taro Okamoto, the artist who designed the “Tower of the Sun” and other structures.

Kintetsu had many unique players such as Hideo Nomo, Ralph Bryant, and Norihiro Nakamura, and their uniforms were perfect for the wild team colors. Even today, the uniforms do not look old-fashioned, and they have a reputation for being ‘cool’ even among younger fans,” said a baseball team official.

More than the Orix’s first Japanese championship in 26 years……

Hats signed by Kintetsu players are at a premium.

Orix players once played in reprinted Kintetsu uniforms at the “Kansai Classic” event held at Kyocera Dome until 19 years ago. But why is the merchandise of a baseball team that disappeared nearly 20 years ago being brought back into the limelight?

For some time now, Kintetsu hats have been sold at Kyocera Dome. This season, the Orix won the Japanese championship for the first time in 26 years, and the increase in the number of customers is probably a major factor.

Two popular dramas are driving the popularity of Kintetsu merchandise.

Kintetsu home uniforms used at Fujiidera and Nissei stadiums

One is NHK’s television series “Soar! It is. The okonomiyaki restaurant “Umezu” frequented by the heroine Mai (Haruka Fukuhara) is filled with Kintetsu merchandise. The place is in Higashi Osaka, and the owner, Masaru Umezu (Tomomitsu Yamaguchi), is a big Kintetsu fan.

In the second broadcast, which was set in 1994, there is a uniform with the number “16” of Bryant, who was active at the time. The menu also includes dishes named after Hideo Nomo, such as the “Tornado Yaki” served with sausage that resembles a baseball bat. The attention to detail tickles the fancy of old fans,” said a long-time Kintetsu fan.

Another work is “Atom’s Child,” a Sunday theater series on TBS.

Eiji Kagami (Takeo Tsukaji), a genius sculptor at the venerable toy manufacturer Atom Toys, wears a Kintetsu hat. At first glance, the setting is modern-day Tokyo and seems to have nothing to do with Kintetsu. The background is said to be Mr. Tsukaji’s strong passion.

He chose the Kintetsu hat after discussions with the staff to express the “Showa-era” feel of a long-established toy manufacturer. Mr. Tsukaji wrote on his Twitter page I love Kintetsu fans, my love for the Showa era, the colors, and above all, the fact that Taro Okamoto, whom I respect, designed the logo” (TBS employee).

The Kintetsu hats sold for 3,700 yen at Kyocera Dome were sometimes priced at more than 10,000 yen on a flea market app because they were out of stock. Eighteen years have passed since the team’s demise. The “raging bull” has begun to run again.

A visitor’s uniform with a light gray background
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