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Suzu Yamanouchi – A cute smile in a maidenly pure white one-piece dress

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Suzu Yamanouchi shows off a gel nail tip with a My Melody design. Her favorite Sanrio character is Pochakko.

She said, “When I go out on a date, I want my nails to be noticed, as a girl’s heart should. I want someone to say, ‘Your nails are cute. If she doesn’t notice, I say, ‘Aren’t they cute? If they don’t notice, I’ll show them to them myself (laughs).

On April 7, TV personality Suzu Yamanouchi spoke in her trademark Kansai dialect at a hands-on media event for the “DASHING DIVA x Sanrio Characters” series of easy gel nails held in Tokyo.

Yamanouchi appeared in a fairy-tale pure white one-piece dress with lots of frills and lace. During the event, she demonstrated DASHING DIVA’s gel nail polish and said, “It’s really easy and cute!  It’s amazing that it took less than a minute for each finger,” she exclaimed while looking at her own hands.

DASHING DIVA is a nail brand that boasts immense popularity in Korea under the theme of “easy gel nails that you just put on. The new product, the first collaboration with Sanrio, went on sale on November 8, and Yamanouchi, who has been appointed the brand’s official ambassador, serves as the main advertising visual.

Asked how she felt about working with Sanrio characters in the commercial, Yamanouchi said with a smile, “It was a lot of fun to shoot with cute characters, and I felt so girly and fluffy and cute. She has a habit of staring at her fingernails.

I don’t like to be alone before a shoot or when I’m in an elevator. If my nails are pretty, I feel at ease, which is the most important thing for me.

When asked, “By how much do you feel better when your nails are pretty? Yamanouchi answered, ” About 200% more! The nail polish that made Yamanouchi the happiest so far was her “nail polish that I guessed.

I went to a live concert with my nail polish that was based on the image of an idol in the virtual world named mona-chan from HoneyWorks. I was so happy.

Yamanouchi is also expanding her activities as an actress, appearing in the October drama “Sokanema no Ichibana. This year, I was given the opportunity to try my hand at acting again, and now that the COVID-19 crisis has settled down a bit, I’ve been able to attend more local events and do more on-location work. I am looking forward to seeing more and more of the entertainment world that I don’t know about. I want to go on location more often! I want to go on location more often!

With more than 1.1 million followers on social networking sites, she is a “teen charisma” and we can expect great things from her in the future! We have high expectations for her future!

Suzu Yamanouchi, showing her cute smile in a maidenly pure white one-piece dress.
Suzu Yamanouchi, the pretty smile she showed in a maidenly pure white one-piece dress.
Tin Yamanouchi Tin Yamanouchi, a pretty smile shown in a maiden pure white one-piece.
Suz Yamanouchi Suzu Yamanouchi, the pretty smile she showed in the maiden pure white one-piece
Suzu Yamanouchi, a pretty smile in a maiden pure white one-piece
  • Photo by Kazuhiko Nakamura

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