Why the major media’s failure to report on Yoko Kumada’s “bogus trial” is provoking the Internet | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Why the major media’s failure to report on Yoko Kumada’s “bogus trial” is provoking the Internet

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Yoko Kumada is in the midst of a divorce scandal. She’s claiming her husband’s domestic violence…

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This is the content of an Instagram post by the celebrity Yoko Kumada, reporting that her photo book was advertised in the sports papers.

Kumada is currently in the middle of divorce talks with her husband, Mr. A, over custody and alimony, who was arrested and charged with domestic violence and had his first trial on October 15. He was arrested and charged with domestic violence, and his first trial was held on October 15.

On the other hand, Mr. A claimed that Kumada had been having an affair with him and filed a lawsuit in early October seeking compensation from both Kumada and her lover X.

“According to Bunshun, the husband, Mr. A, obtained physical evidence to test Mr. X’s DNA, and also did a DNA analysis of the bodily fluids on Ms. Kumada’s purse to identify Mr. X as her lover, and decided to go to court. The Kumada’s representative told Bunshun that the case is ‘a fabrication with no basis in fact’, but the fact is that a trial has been filed. “DV or adultery, it’s a real quagmire of a divorce,” said a reporter from a sports newspaper.

However, these “muddled circumstances” have hardly been mentioned in the major media. However, these “muddles” are rarely mentioned in the major media, and it seems that most of what is reported is about the husband’s disadvantage.

“There was a TV program that broadcasted Mr. A’s domestic violence trial from in front of the court, but it completely ignored the report of Ms. Kumada’s alleged infidelity and the trial regarding it. I wonder if they were aware of Kumada’s side’s unspoken request that they report on her husband, but not on the rest of the story. It’s a shame for the entertainment desk to read that atmosphere, but I guess that’s the way it’s customary.

It’s a shame for the entertainment desk to be reading the news, but that’s the way it is.

“Mr. A is very upset with the way the news is being reported. “If you look at Kumada’s Instagram and YouTube, she is trying to act like a good mother. Her Instagram and YouTube videos show her on a glamping trip with her children, and she sometimes gives lectures on how to wear underwear that mothers raising children can relate to.

However, if the details of the trial are not covered in the media, there is a possibility that the public atmosphere will change. Basically, anyone can observe the trial. Despite this, there is a tendency to get excited on the Internet when there is only one-sided coverage on TV. The “tapioca fiasco” of Yukina Kinoshita was a true example of this.

Initially, her agency suppressed the news, but this turned out to be the “fuel” for the Internet flames. In the end, she was forced to retire from the entertainment industry. It is true that the way a story is reported on the Internet can cause a stir and create a new trend,” said an Internet news editor.

I hope that the fact that the major media outlets only report on her husband’s alleged domestic violence does not have a negative impact on Kumada…

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