NHK’s “Face of Evening Time” Mitsunori Uehara Walking with her dog in casual clothes | FRIDAY DIGITAL

NHK’s “Face of Evening Time” Mitsunori Uehara Walking with her dog in casual clothes

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NHK’s Mitsunori Uehara, 31, walking in casual clothes on a weekday morning in the city where many cars pass by

On a weekday morning in mid-October, a woman strolling with her large dog through an elegant residential area in the heart of Tokyo was Mitsunori Uehara, 31, an NHK announcer. She was wearing a cap and a long-sleeved knit. She was wearing a cap, a long-sleeved knit, and tight-fitting leggings in a casual style, walking with good posture at a very fast speed.

Speaking of Uehara, she was the weekday subcaster of “NHK News 7” for three years from April 2019 to March this year, and was a familiar face of NHK news. Since April of this year, she has been the main weekday anchor of “Metropolitan Area Network,” a local news wide and information program broadcast in the evening in the Kanto region, delivering daily news from the Kanto region. She often appears on the program in a neat and tidy one-piece dress, which makes her casual attire slightly disconcerting….

Uehara is an all-around sportswoman, having been involved in archery and horsemanship since middle school, and was a member of the field field hockey club at university. She was the local anchor for the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. In her personal life, she is quite an outdoorsy person.

Uehara sometimes bends down to face her dog, carefully patting its head and back, and talking to it as if she were talking to a small child. Then she starts walking again to match her walking speed with her dog. The smile he showed his dog was the same as the smile that brings relief to the tea room in the evening.

Uehara in a more casual mood than on the TV screen
  • PHOTO Keisuke Nishi

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