Nozomi Sasaki is pregnant with her second child. The magazine sees her devotion to her husband, Ken Watanabe, and her refusal to give up on him. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Nozomi Sasaki is pregnant with her second child. The magazine sees her devotion to her husband, Ken Watanabe, and her refusal to give up on him.

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Nozomi Sasaki announced that she is pregnant with her second child. She and her husband, Un-jash’s Ken Watanabe, have been rumored to be divorcing several times, but…

Actress Nozomi Sasaki announced on November 17 that she is pregnant with her second child. On her Instagram, she wrote

《I am happy to announce that we are expecting our second child. I am truly happy for this new life, and my whole family is happy. Both mother and child are healthy.

She posted a comment full of happiness, saying, “I am so happy to announce the birth of my second child.

She and her husband, Ken Watanabe of the comedy duo Un-jash, got married in 2005. Their first child, a boy, was born in 2006.

However, many people probably know that it has not been smooth sailing up to this point.

In 2008, Mr. Watanabe was reported to have had a “multi-purpose affair” and suspended his entertainment activities. He had planned to make a comeback in a special program on New Year’s Eve that year, but the media found out beforehand and he had to hold an apology press conference in a hurry.

However, the content of the apology caused even more public outcry, and she was put on indefinite hiatus. During that time, Ms. Sasaki was busy working as if to make up for her husband’s earnings,” said a women’s magazine reporter.

In February 2010, one year and seven months after the affair, she resumed her activities on Chiba TV’s “B&W Un-jash. However, the situation is far from what it was before the scandal, as he is still unable to work at a key station.

In Mr. Watanabe’s case, it was not just adultery, but also the fact that he had been using a “multipurpose restroom,” which was too bad for his image. Women, in particular, were very disgusted with him.

In fact, I heard that Chiba TV received quite a few complaints when he returned. It is likely that there were no programs on key stations that were prepared for that backlash and were willing to cast Mr. Watanabe. But now that it is clear that Ms. Sasaki has forgiven him for her pregnancy announcement, there is a strong possibility that the winds will change.

Sasaki did not abandon Watabe despite the headwinds. What was the reason for her “devotion” to him?

The most important thing for Ms. Sasaki was probably the existence of her eldest son. I am sure that she did not divorce because she was thinking of her children.

Also, her personality must have been a big factor. She has such a pretty face, but even when she was young, she was a woman full of “manly spirit” (laughs). (Laughs.) Her character would not have allowed her to abandon a man she once loved when he was on the precipice.

Perhaps this is what they mean when they say, “When it rains, the ground hardens.

Watabe happily taking a two-shot with Sasaki and her child.
Sasaki’s smile is impressive, as if to dispel the divorce rumors…
Sasaki holding the baby and Watanabe preparing water for the pet. After this, they go for a swing.
Sasaki’s fair skin stood out…
Watabe even holds her son for Sasaki…
Sasaki shows her motherly face, which she doesn’t often show on TV.
Sasaki enters a cutlet restaurant with her baby in her arms. It is a very common restaurant, but it is a favorite of the couple.
Mr. and Mrs. Watanabe on their way to a popular cutlet restaurant. He is indeed the king of gourmets, always choosing famous restaurants even with children!
The couple has truly had a tumultuous time, but will they be able to change the public’s view of them with their second child…
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