Scoop! Yu-Chami is going on a hand-tied date with K-1 Kusumura Masashi, her “favorite pi”! | FRIDAY DIGITAL
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Scoop! Yu-Chami is going on a hand-tied date with K-1 Kusumura Masashi, her “favorite pi”!

The "white gal from Reiwa" who won the No. 1 breakout talent in the first half of the year has been discovered to be in love with someone!

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After making sure no one was around, the two serious men shifted their masks to sip their drinks. Yu-chami laughed repeatedly as they walked hand in hand

Model Yu-chami (21) has appeared on 132 TV programs and was ranked No. 1 on this year’s “Breakthrough Talent” list for the first half of the year. The “white gal from Reiwa,” who is currently at the top of her game, is also in great shape in her private life. It seems that she has successfully won the “favorite person” (gal’s term for someone she likes) that she has been publicly announcing for a long time.

At 3 p.m. on a sunny late October afternoon, I found her at a fashionable cafe in Tokyo. The handsome man sitting opposite her on a seat by the wall was K-1 fighter Masashi Kumura (23).

He is a versatile fighter with excellent technique and the ability to engage in a fierce exchange of blows. He is a super bantamweight with a record of 25 fights and 20 wins. Combined with his handsome looks, he is expected to be a next-generation star after Takeru,” said a K-1 official.

Kuson has a big matchup with a strong opponent coming up on December 3. Before the tough weight-losing period, the two went out on a cafe date.

As they sipped their ordered coffee, Kuson said something to Yuchami, to which Yuchami replied, “Ahahaha!

“Hahahaha! That’s really funny!

and shows her white teeth. The way she laughs, as if she is really enjoying herself, is exactly the same as the way she shows in variety shows.

After 20 minutes of tea, they went outside. On the main street, where they could be seen by many people, they just walked side by side, but when they entered an alley, Yu-chami quickly intertwined her hands with his. Yu-chami laughed hysterically several times at his words, and they walked briskly in a lover’s embrace.

Their relationship began with Yu-chami’s reverse-nouncing of him. I heard that she got acquainted with Kuson when she became the ‘official cheering gal’ for K-1 in February of this year, and she made a fierce attack on him, leading to their relationship.

Yu-chami, a native of Osaka, is known for not having a home in Tokyo yet. After the relationship, it seems that she occasionally goes to Kusumura’s apartment when she has work in Tokyo.

To confirm the fact of their relationship, we directly interviewed the two on a hand-holding date.

–This is Friday. I would like to ask you about your relationship. Is it true that you two are dating?

Yu-chami: “Yes! Oh, hi! Thank you very much. I mean, is this a surprise? (Toward Kuson) A trickster? (Laughs)”

–How did you start dating?

Yu-chami: “I became the ‘official cheering gal,’ and that’s how we met. Our reverse-nun. We started going to his house in the summer, I guess.”

In the November 18 issue of “FRIDAY,” you can see Yu-chami enthusiastically choosing ingredients at the supermarket for Kuson, as well as her candid feelings toward him, which she revealed while being embarrassed by the direct questioning. She was embarrassed by the direct questioning, but revealed her frank feelings toward him. The paid version of the website “FRIDAY GOLD” published several photos, including unpublished shots.

The beautiful couple stood out even at the café. When Kusumura is in the process of losing weight, it is not easy for him to go out.

To see more photos of their lovey-dovey hand-holding date, click here! ↓↓.

From the December 2 and 9, 2022 issue of FRIDAY

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