Sentenced to 8 years in prison… Former Shiga Medical University student “mass sexual assault of female students” – despicable tactics. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Sentenced to 8 years in prison… Former Shiga Medical University student “mass sexual assault of female students” – despicable tactics.

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Shiga Medical University hospital where three former students committed a group sexual assault on a female student (Image: Kyodo News)

The defendants used them as tools to gratify their sexual desires. Humiliating and degrading are not words that can describe what they did to us.

This was the opinion of a female university student, who angrily stated her feelings in the trial of a group assault by three former students of Shiga University of Medical Science held on November 15 at the Otsu District Court (Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture). A female student who was a victim of the attack continued, “They said they would admit their guilt.

I hope he goes to prison for even a minute or a second longer, reflects on his shallow behavior, and corrects his mistaken ideas about women.

Prosecutors said that “it took three people to break the victim’s heart and trample on her sexual freedom,” and sentenced defendant A, 25, who was in the lead, to eight years in prison.

Video recording with a cell phone

An unprecedented group sexual assault by three medical students. The following is a detailed account of the crime from an article in FRIDAY Digital (October 1, 2011; content has been partially revised). I would like to look back on the details of the crime.

The incident took place on March 15 this year. The three defendants from Shiga Medical University invited two women they knew, including the victim, Ms. B, to a five-person drinking party. One of the women went home, but the other went to the defendant A’s apartment in Otsu City under the guise of an after-party. When they got on the elevator, the defendants’ attitudes changed drastically.

They stood in front of Ms. B, threatened to have sexual intercourse with her, and forced her into the room. I can’t! But the defendants grabbed her arms and forced her to remove her clothes and engage in sexual intercourse. The defendants took turns assaulting Ms. B. The crime continued until dawn the next day, and the defendants were taking video of the assault with their smart phones,” said a reporter from a national newspaper.

Ms. B immediately called the police and called the Sexual Crimes Hotline. The incident was discovered and the three defendants were arrested.

During the trial, the defendants’ despicable behavior was revealed one after another. According to the prosecutors, the defendants had been holding drinking parties for the purpose of sexual assault for some time. They had been sharing videos of their sexual acts.

In court, defendant A spoke words of remorse. However, when the prosecutor asked him about the time he demanded sexual intercourse with Ms. B in the elevator and was denied, he avoided giving a clear answer, saying, ‘I don’t remember.

Defendant A was expelled from Shiga Medical University for his despicable crime. The verdict is scheduled to be handed down on January 10 next year.

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