Aki, Kiyohara Kazuhiro’s ex-wife, “a true friend” as she releases column and assumes office president | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Aki, Kiyohara Kazuhiro’s ex-wife, “a true friend” as she releases column and assumes office president

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Kazuhiro Kiyohara waves to his first and second sons after dinner. His ex-wife Aki also waves back, showing the “family bond” (2008).

Former professional baseball player Kazuhiro Kiyohara was arrested in 2004 for violating the Stimulants Control Law. His ex-wife Aki, a model and fashion director who divorced him in 2002, is said to be rapidly growing closer to him.

On November 1, Aki released a column titled “Home, Gohan, and Baseball. It focuses on her daily record of the eight years she spent on Instagram after her divorce, and also includes interviews with her eldest son, who is at Keio University, and her second son, who attends Keio High School.

Also, Aki writes about Kiyohara’s mother, who is her mother-in-law, and of course, she writes nakedly about her ex-husband,” said a reporter for a women’s magazine.

In October, “Josei Seven” reported that Aki had been appointed as the representative of Kiyohara’s management company. It seems that Aki is indeed supporting Kiyohara as his partner “both publicly and privately.

Aki ran away from home with her children when Kiyohara’s drug allegations were reported in a weekly magazine. After that, a divorce was finalized. Two years later, when Mr. Kiyohara was arrested, she thoroughly removed him from her life, forbidding him access to her children.

In fact, she removed the name “Kiyohara” from her stage name. She actually removed the name “Kiyohara” from her stage name.

Aki, for her part, thinks of her children first and foremost. I think she realized that her father was absolutely indispensable to her sons, who, like Mr. Kiyohara, were going on to careers in baseball.

It is unlikely that they will remarry, but there is no doubt that Aki has “feelings” for Mr. Kiyohara. Otherwise, there is no way she would accept the position of president of a private agency, which is nothing but a risk for a successful businesswoman.

The Kiyohara family was once torn apart by the drug problem. However, Aki’s presence seems to have restored the family bond.

Shogo Kiyohara, the eldest son, plays on the Keio University baseball team (photo: Kyodo)
Second son, Katsuji, a member of the Keio High School baseball team
Kiyohara coached baseball to his two sons. Aki was also watching over them, which was impressive.
Kiyohara enthusiastically coaching his second son, Katsuji, on the street.
Kiyohara playing catch with his dog, Tsunekichi.
Kiyohara hugging his oldest son, Shogo. His son looks somewhat embarrassed.
His new life with his dog, Tsunekichi, which he has had since 2009, seems to be smooth sailing.
Kiyohara watches his children’s games with a keen eye.
Kiyohara sips his cigarette alone at night. I wonder what he thinks about…
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