Elon Musk is a “fool”… a scathing critique of a major U.S. media outlet. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Elon Musk is a “fool”… a scathing critique of a major U.S. media outlet.

In the wake of the Twitter acquisition

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Mr. Mask in costume at a Halloween party in ’22/aflo

Savior or tyrant?

Since acquiring Twitter and becoming its CEO, Elon Musk, 51, has continued his one-man reforms. The fact that he “fired” half of the approximately 7,400 employees worldwide has been controversial worldwide, especially since the company’s acquisition of Twitter.

While some people are concerned about the future of the employees, saying, “It is unthinkable in Japan to immediately fire employees without any advance notice,” others say, “It is abnormal that the number of employees is growing while the company has been in the red for two consecutive years,” and “The company can operate even if half of the employees are fired.

Mr. Musk is known as a workaholic who works 120 hours a week and is extremely strict in managing his business, demanding that Tesla employees work more than 40 hours a week. In his eyes, the working style of Twitter employees may have seemed ‘lax'” (reporter from the business department of a national newspaper).

On the 10th, he reportedly made a speech to employees, saying that “Twitter Inc. may go bankrupt. It was also reported that he subsequently fired 4,400 contract employees without prior notice. Major U.S. media outlets have harshly criticized his actions immediately after the acquisition.

Makiko Iizuka, a journalist in the U.S., explains.

The Los Angeles Times published a column titled “Is Mask a Genius or an Idiot? The Los Angeles Times published a column titled “Is Mask a Genius or an Idiot? It says, “Musk’s post-acquisition actions have destroyed the platform’s functionality and reputation, raising the question of whether Musk is, in fact, a buffoon rather than a genius.

The paper took issue with Musk’s mass firing of personnel who were overseeing tweets that constituted hate speech. In fact, data shows that the first day after Mask took over Twitter, tweets using the ‘N-word’ (a derogatory term referring to black people) increased by 1,300%.

He also ridiculed Mask, saying that ‘psychopaths are not necessarily violent, but fearless, confident, charismatic, ruthless, and focused, and these qualities are perfectly applicable to Mask,’ and that ‘psychopaths need to be controlled.

He also criticized Mask for deciding to make major changes without understanding the inner workings of Twitter. He may have been a business genius before,’ he said. But at this point, the only thing he has accomplished with Twitter is making himself look like a fool.

With the “blue bird” in the cage, Mr. Mask will continue to incite the world. It will be some time before we will be able to discern whether the path he shows us is the right one.

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