Akashiya Sanma’s “divine response” has been recognized so much that it has become a “specialty” of Shin-Osaka Station. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Akashiya Sanma’s “divine response” has been recognized so much that it has become a “specialty” of Shin-Osaka Station.

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Sanma’s “divine response” seems to have become a Shin-Osaka Station specialty

At a little past 8:00 p.m. in early November, a man was standing in the Shin-Osaka Station, saying to the passengers.

“Master! Master!

were heard from many people in the Shin-Osaka Station. The “master” who appeared in the station was Akashiya Sanma (67). Sanma had finished recording his regular program in Osaka that day and appeared at Shin-Osaka Station to return to Tokyo.

Waiting for him there were fans with autographs. When they spotted Sanma, they said

“Master! Good work!

like a disciple. Then, Sanma said.

“Oh! Thank you!

with a smile.

Master! Can you sign my book?


With these words, fans who had been keeping a little distance from him, and even those who happened to be there, all simultaneously shortened the distance between him and the audience.

Good job!” Oh! Sign, please! Aiyo!”

The exchange of words continued as if they were a part of a rice-cake pounding game.

Late last year, a video of Sanma soothing a giggling baby who happened to be sitting next to him on a bullet train became a sensation, and the legend of Sanma’s “divine response,” which has been told by numerous comedians, became widely known to younger people. Recently, not only fans but also ordinary people who see him casually approach him and ask for his autograph, so there are always crowds of people around him as he moves around,” said a reporter from a sports newspaper.

(Sports newspaper reporter) I wonder if he took into consideration the time it would take for people to ask for his autograph. After signing autographs for all the people who asked for autographs, Sanma entered the ticket gate. I hope he didn’t get hit with autographs on the bullet train as well….

In no time at all, a crowd of people had gathered. Sanma responding to the requests of every single person who approached him.
Sanma, who self-analyzes his service mentality as “a disease of wanting to be liked,” may be telling the truth…
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