Kana Kurashina’s “breathtaking aura” at Makuhari Seaside Park | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Kana Kurashina’s “breathtaking aura” at Makuhari Seaside Park

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Kurashina stares at a remote location during a break in the drama location shooting.

On a morning in mid-October, a drama was being filmed in a vast grass-covered area of Makuhari Seaside Park (Chiba City). At the center of it all was actress Kana Kurashina (34). The strong autumn sun was shining, and after filming one scene, Kurashina fled to a covered bench, the only one in the area that was shaded from the sun.

Kurashina, who has been popular among women since she cut her hair a few years ago, has become a “cool type” in both roles and fashion, but on this day she was wearing a loose-fitting light purple blouse and white pants, the latest fashion popular among young women. Rather than the “cool” type, she looked more like a modern office worker.

She said, “We were shooting a drama series that will start airing next April. She is also scheduled to appear in a stage production of “The Spider’s Web Castle” next February, so they are filming on location at an early date, but at a rapid pace.

Despite her extremely busy schedule, Kurashina stood and watched the other actresses filming with a serious expression on her face even during breaks, and she never stopped smiling when she occasionally engaged in conversation with the staff. Every move she made was truly sparkling.

At a Cartier event held the other day, she looked elegant and charming in a black dress with her shoulders exposed, and in her Instagram update on October 22, she posted a photo of herself with an ice cream in her hand.

Even grownups get excited!

with a comment, “Even adults get excited! In the stage play “Spider’s Web Castle,” she plays the wife of the main character whose spirit is gradually invaded. This changeable character is one of her charms,” said a TV station official.

What kind of Kurashina will we see in the drama to be aired in April?

It looks like a photo shoot for a women’s fashion magazine.
Kurashina with a somewhat droll look on her face.
Even though it was late October, the strong sun was making her take shelter on a bench, the only shady spot in the large park.
  • PHOTO Yuri Adachi

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