In memoriam, Chiaki Matsubara’s radiant smile in Hawaii right after her divorce | FRIDAY DIGITAL

In memoriam, Chiaki Matsubara’s radiant smile in Hawaii right after her divorce

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April 1999, in Hawaii, two days after her divorce from Junichi Ishida was finalized. Her radiant expression was impressive.

On November 16, “NEWS POST SEVEN” reported that actress Chiaki Matsubara had passed away in Hawaii, where she had moved. Her death was confirmed on October 8, and she was 64 years old. The cause of death and other details are unknown, but according to the report, Ms. Matsubara had been in poor health recently and had been holed up in her room.

In 1980, Ms. Matsubara was chosen as a campaign girl for Kanebo, a Japanese company, and became a popular celebrity with her outstanding style. Her quick thinking, sturdy demeanor, and clear-cut, direct speech were rare for a female celebrity of her time, and she was featured in the popular TV program “Detective! Night Scoop” (Asahi Broadcasting Corporation). I miss how she was a great secretary who could not lose to the tongue of Ryutaro Ueoka (80), the first station chief,” said a person involved in commercial TV programs.

In that year, she married Ishida Junichi (68) and gave birth to their first daughter, Sumire (32), in 1990, but in 1996, Ishida’s infidelity was discovered. In 1996, it was revealed that Ishida was having an affair.

Adultery is a cultural thing.

This became a problem and led to a huge uproar that followed him day after day. Disgusted with the Japanese entertainment industry, Matsubara moved to Hawaii with Sumire, and in April 1999, she and Ishida were divorced.

In the divorce, Matsubara was entitled to an apartment in Tokyo and 1.5 million yen per month in child support from Ishida, which enabled her to stabilize her life in Hawaii,” said a reporter for a sports newspaper.

This magazine directly interviewed Ms. Matsubara in Hawaii two days after the official divorce. Ms. Matsubara, who was sporting a healthy black tan, responded to the magazine’s questions with the words, “No comment.

No comment.

She did not answer any of our questions, but it was impressive that she had a blown-out smile on her face.

In 2015, Ishida and Ms. Matsubara co-starred on TV with Sumire. When Ishida apologized to them both for his past mistakes, Ms. Matsubara said

“Thank you. I can live because of the precious treasure (Sumire) you gave me.”

She expressed her gratitude.

We would like to pray for the repose of Ms. Matsubara’s soul at this time.

Ms. Matsubara made “no comment” when asked by this magazine.
After the revelation of Junichi Ishida’s affair, reporters surrounded Ms. Matsubara at the preview of the movie. She consistently remained silent about the affair.
  • Photo Toshihiro Nakaikawa (1st and 2nd) Tomoyasu Kanazawa

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