Higashide, Koide… “Actors with scandals” are returning one after another, but who can’t make a “comeback”? | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Higashide, Koide… “Actors with scandals” are returning one after another, but who can’t make a “comeback”?

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Masahiro Higashide (34) will star with Takahiro Miura (36) in the movie “Winny” to be released next March. The film will be released in March next year.

Higashide has been gaining media exposure recently. His self-sufficient lifestyle of growing vegetables and eating snakes and insects in a mountain hut with no running water or gas has become a topic of conversation.

Higashide divorced Anzu (36) in 2008 after she reportedly had an affair with Erika Karada (25), with whom she co-starred in the movie “Sleep or Awake. After that, he was fired from his office after it was discovered that he had invited a woman to the Hiroshima location of a movie. Although his future seemed bleak due to his repeated scandals, after going freelance, he continued to work on “Winny,” the movie “The Fukuda Village Incident” directed by Tatsuya Mori (66), and a live-action adaptation of a comic book. However, since going freelance, he has appeared in a succession of films, including “Winny,” a film directed by Tatsuya Mori (66), and a live-action adaptation of a comic book. It is said that she is close to making a full comeback.

Karada, Higashide’s partner in adultery, is also scheduled to star in a film, “Nouhou, Nagare,” which will be released on November 26. She has also been cast as a main cast member in the drama “Gokuakuju Joou,” which is scheduled to be distributed on Netflix next year.

She is also starring in a short film, “Midnight Kiss,” to be released next year.” The affair report has increased her name recognition, and in terms of the size of her role alone, she is playing a more active role than before the affair was reported.

Keisuke Koide (38), who was suspended indefinitely in 2005 due to allegations of drinking and lewd acts with underage women as reported in this magazine, also starred in the movie Bridal, my Song In addition, Keisuke Koide (38), who was suspended indefinitely due to allegations of drinking and lewd acts with underage women, as reported by this magazine in ’17, is now starring in a movie titled “Bridal, my Song.

The reason behind this is the increase in the number of media distribution and terrestrial dramas. With the increase in the number of productions, popular actors are competing for schedules. For low-budget films and distributed dramas that don’t have to worry about sponsors, disgraced actors are the saving grace, as they can be used for low fees for their high name recognition. They are also easy to talk about. Scandalous actors who have been beaten down and have become more compliant do not make unreasonable demands on the production side,” says a director of a production company.

(A director at a production company) A senior executive at an entertainment company pointed out that Higashide, Koide, and Karada are well-liked on the set.

Koide has always had a reputation for his acting ability. Higashide’s acting ability is controversial, but he is a natural personality (laughs). He has a mysterious charm that makes everyone who works with him fall in love with him. Karada is carefully nurtured, including in terms of courtesy, according to the policy of her agency. The staff follows her closely, so her reputation in the industry is not bad.”

However, not everyone can make a comeback.

For example, Becky (38) and Tokui Yoshimi (47) of “Tutorial” fame, who were popular for their likability, it is difficult for them to regain their former glory because they cannot shake the feeling of having been “betrayed. It is also difficult for people like director Hideo Sakaki (52) and actor Hoka Kinoshita (58), who have been in hot water for their sexual assaults. If they are easily forgiven, it may be taken as if the film industry is condoning sexual assault. Director Sion Sono (60) was accused of sexual assault and refuted the accusation, but his image of evading the accusation caused a public outcry. It may be a misnomer to put it this way, but he might as well have been arrested. Pierre Taki (55) was convicted of violating the Narcotics Control Law, but he is constantly receiving offers to appear in films, perhaps because it gives the impression that he has atoned for his crime and reformed.

The increase in the number of comeback actors is a welcome development.

From the November 18, 2022 issue of FRIDAY


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