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Sharapova “too daring in a tube top” delighted fans: ……!

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Maria Sharapova, former world number one in women’s tennis and nicknamed the “Tennis Fairy,” has been attracting attention for her “too bold tube top” on her Instagram account. Comments flooded in, such as “Goddess! Sharapova’s image was inundated with comments such as, “Goddess!

Sharapova sits on a chair at the tennis court. The tube top is sexy, but the beauty of her legs thrown out is also very impressive (from her Instagram @mariasharapova).

Sharapova, born in 1987, started playing tennis at the age of 4 and moved to Florida, USA at the age of 6. She made her debut on the WTA Tour at the age of 14, winning Wimbledon in 2004 at the age of 17, and was ranked No. 1 in the world in 2005. Sharapova continued to grow, attracting attention not only as a tennis player but also as a fashion model with her stunning good looks.

Eventually, she achieved a lifetime Grand Slam record with five Grand Slam (four major singles) titles, five runner-up finishes, and a spectacular performance as a silver medalist at the London Olympics. She has captivated her fans on and off the court, but retired from playing at the age of 32.

After retiring, she announced her engagement to a British businessman in December 2020. It was rumored that this would be the start of a full-fledged entry into the business world. She had already founded the sweets brand Sugapova, and has also been sharing her activities as an investor on Instagram. After announcing her pregnancy in April of this year, she also showed off her growing belly and other details on Instagram. In the summer, her long-awaited first son, Theodore, was born and attracted a lot of attention.

Sharapova was interviewed by the beauty media “NewBeauty” this time, and the photo that is the topic of conversation seems to have been taken in the process. Sharapova is sitting on a chair on the tennis court, bare-chested and wearing a bold tube top. Sharapova looks very relaxed and her fans will be enchanted.

Sharapova told the interviewer, “I enjoy watching my children grow up. But I really struggle with raising my children. Every day I feel the difficulty of raising a child, which is completely different from that of a professional tennis player. However, I am grateful that my child sleeps well. I am breastfeeding her now, so she is always hungry.

We can’t take our eyes off Sharapova, who is putting all her energy into both parenting and work. ……?

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