Akanishi’s group, Tomohisa Yamashita, Yuya Tegoshi… The distance between the people who “carry Tacky”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Akanishi’s group, Tomohisa Yamashita, Yuya Tegoshi… The distance between the people who “carry Tacky”.

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Takizawa Hideaki, who left Johnny’s at the end of October, already has over 2 million followers on Twitter…

The situation has been changing rapidly since Hideaki Takizawa, aka “Tackey,” left Johnny’s. Four days after Takizawa’s departure, one of Johnny’s most popular groups, “K” Kayo, was announced as a member of the “K” group.

Four days after Takizawa’s departure, the most popular group of Johnny’s, “King & Prince”, was joined by “Prince”‘s Shirano Hirano. Prince” will leave the group in May of next year. The double impact of this announcement caused a tectonic shift.

This double impact caused a tectonic shift.

When Takizawa suddenly opened his Twitter account, he was joined by former KAT-TUN member Akanishi Jin at the top of the list. Former NEWS members Tomohisa Yamashita, Ryo Nishikido, Yuya Tegoshi, and other “quitting Janis” were quick to respond to Takizawa’s announcement. A reporter in charge of entertainment at a sports newspaper said

Akanishi and Nishikido have been doing video distribution together, but I don’t think they had any ‘connection’ with Tegoshi or Yamashita after they left Johnny’s. Takizawa’s departure was not a big deal for the four of them. Takizawa’s departure was such a big event that all four of them talked about it at the same time.

He also said, “It was such a big event that all four members talked about it at the same time.

On March 11, Iwahashi Genki, who left the group last March, opened a Twitter account under his own name, something he had never done before.

Since Akanishi, Tekoshi, and ex-Kimple member Iwahashi left the group less than half a month after the “Tacky shock,” some people on the Internet are expecting a “big reunion” in the future…

To put things in perspective here, the distance between each of them seems to be slightly different.

Akanishi, who was quick to respond to Takizawa’s launch of Twitter and is now treated as Takky’s “public relations” person, has a common network with Takizawa and is likely to already be connected behind the scenes. The same may be true for Nishikido-san, who is close to Akanishi-san.

Mr. Yamashita is also close to Mr. Takizawa, but he and Mr. Akanishi have had some trouble in the past, and it is unknown if they will “carry Tackey” together. If Takizawa asked him, he would probably do it.

As for Tekashi, he is even more “different. In response to Takizawa’s departure, he took to Twitter to say

He is a reliable senior who gave me all kinds of advice and took me under his wings. I know that a lot of articles have been written about our disagreement by people who know nothing about it, but… please continue to support me.

Unlike Akanishi and the other three, Takizawa’s message was never retweeted. A short time later, it was confirmed that Takizawa had “liked” Tekashi’s post, but the Internet ridiculed the post as being “fully ignored,” and it became online news that a heartbroken Tekashi had unfollowed Takizawa and blocked every single fan who had teased him.

As one might expect, “Full Ignore” is Takizawa’s story. In his famous Twitter profile update, he spelled “Tegoshi” and quickly erased it (laugh).

(Laughs.) However, Mr. Togoshi and Akanishi’s group were in different groups when they were in Johnny’s. For Mr. Togoshi, Takizawa and Akanishi’s group will be in a different group in the future. I think Mr. Togoshi would like to be involved with Mr. Takizawa in the future, but I don’t know if there is a good balance between the two.

Former Kimpuri member Iwahashi is also in a delicate position. Hirano and the other three members had different reasons for leaving the group, so it is unlikely that they will continue to work together after leaving. It was reported in some quarters that Jinguji and Iwahashi, who were close to each other, would join forces, but that too is not confirmed.

Iwahashi has been continuously updating his Twitter account, which he just opened, in a manner similar to Takizawa, and has been criticized by some Kimpli fans for “reading the atmosphere.

The Twitter updates, which seem to mimic Mr. Takizawa’s, suggest that Iwahashi wants to tangle with Mr. Takizawa. There is speculation that Mr. Hirano will join Mr. Takizawa among the exiting Kimpli members, and Mr. Iwahashi may want to bite into that. Takizawa-san has no reaction to Iwahashi-san at present.

It seems that each party’s thoughts are intertwined…

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