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Equipped With Rusty Guns to Fight Each Other — Fearful Force Deployed by Backwater Russian Army

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Soldiers from different lands and backgrounds are deployed in the Russian military (Image: AP/Afro)

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed amendments to a federal law on November 4. This legal amendment may become Russia’s “black history”. It has been decided that the shuddering troops will be deployed to the Ukrainian front – and that the Russian authorities will be able to use them as reserve officers by the end of October.

Russian authorities announced that the partial mobilization of reserve soldiers had been completed by the end of October. According to President Putin, the number of newly mobilized soldiers exceeded the target of 300,000 and reached 318,000. However, the inside story is dark.

According to Meduza, an independent Russian media outlet, the mobilized soldiers, who are not capable of fighting, are called “meat” and placed on the front lines with the Ukrainian army. They are being used as ‘human shields.’ They are provided with old guns from the 1970s, which are rusted and useless.

“On the Russian SNS Telegram, many images of bulletproof vests with holes and battered guns provided to mobilized soldiers have been uploaded. Some of the soldiers were ordered by their superiors to ‘procure weapons and hemostats on their own’ on the day they received their call-up letters,” said a reporter from the international section of a national newspaper.

Cutlery to the Ukrainian Army with the Latest Weapons

Mobilized soldiers were initially promised a three-month training period, but this was not observed at all. In some cases, they are deployed to the front lines after only a few days of training.

Young Russians who don’t even know the rudiments of combat are facing Ukrainian troops armed with the latest Western-supplied weapons, including rifles and knives. According to independent Russian media, a battalion of about 570 mobilized soldiers sent to the eastern Luhanshik region has been almost completely wiped out.

The number of mobilized soldiers fleeing the front lines is growing larger every day. It is said that the superiors, who have lost control of the situation, are threatening to kill them if they run away. According to a report in Forbes Japan, a special unit has been deployed to shoot and kill fugitive soldiers.

In the out-of-control Russian military, fights between fugitives have been frequent. The commanders responsible have been removed one after another by President Vladimir Putin. The Russian Defense Ministry has announced that nearly 100,000 soldiers have been seriously injured or otherwise disabled.

The Russian military is trapped. President Putin signed the latest amendments to the law in order to overcome the difficult situation.

“The amendment allows for the mobilization of convicts who have committed serious crimes, such as murder or robbery, or who have criminal records,” Putin said. Exemptions are limited to a few, such as hijackers and those who have committed acts of terrorism. According to a report by the U.S. media outlet CNN, criminals who are eligible for mobilization will be under the supervision of the authorities for 8 to 10 years until their criminal records are expunged. They are not allowed to leave their homes.

Russia must be in such a tight spot that it has no choice but to deploy such known criminals to the front lines. With the amendment of the law, tens of thousands of new people can be mobilized. However, it remains to be seen whether they will be able to contribute to the war effort. In the past, a private military company, Wagner, is said to have called up hundreds of prisoners from around Russia to serve as combatants. But according to the independent media “Insider,” more than 500 people have lost their lives so far.

The Russian military is no longer a legitimate military force.

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