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Ai Fukuhara struggled in her “home” China, too.

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Ai Fukuhara sued for 11 million yen in alimony by the ex-wife of her alleged lover.

Former Olympic table tennis medalist Ai Fukuhara is facing a headwind. Her popularity in China, where she relies on, is in free fall.

On October 27, Fukuhara set up an account called “Ai Fukuhara Workshop” on Weibo, the Chinese version of Twitter. The number of followers of this account was about 10, and some Taiwanese media reported that there was “no trace” of the immensely popular Fukuhara.

The account is officially certified by a company called “Beijing Shenyuan Kangqiao Technology Co. The company and Fukuhara appear to have business ties.

In her first post, Fukuhara wrote

Hello everyone, this is Ai Fukuhara China Workshop.

but she was completely “out of the air. The number of followers has not grown much at all. The Taiwanese media commented on the decline in her popularity

“His girlfriend’s ex-wife has filed a lawsuit against him.

The Taiwanese media cites “a lawsuit filed by his girlfriend’s ex-wife” as the reason for his decline in popularity.

The two children are now in “joint custody,” but Fukuhara, who was in Japan, has not been able to have her children.

However, while in Japan, Fukuhara was unable to see her children even though she wanted to. So this summer, she visited Taiwan and brought one of her two children back to Japan. Ostensibly, she did so for the summer vacation, but there was no evidence that the child was returned to her ex-husband’s side, and it was reported that Fukuhara had “taken” the child away.

(Sports newspaper reporter) Furthermore, on November 1, Bunshun Online reported that Fukuhara was sued by Mr. A’s ex-wife for 11 million yen in alimony. The complaint stated

“Even after the sleepover dates and the news that A was married, the defendant continued to contact A in secret and to invite A to the defendant’s home with the intention of plundering A from the plaintiff and having her remarry him.

The report states, among other things, that the defendant “allegedly took the child away from the plaintiff.

The “child abduction allegation” and the demand for alimony from the girlfriend’s ex-wife.

The impact of this double-whammy was also felt in China. At first, Fukuhara’s fans in China were sympathetic to the scandal in Taiwan, a country that is politically hostile to her. The Taiwanese media were all defending her ex-husband, Jiang, and attacking Fukuhara, and many were tolerant of Fukuhara.

But after she divorced Mr. Jiang, the winds changed. In China, divorce after adultery is not welcome because it disturbs the social order.

Then came the “alleged” removal of the child and the alimony claim, and Fukuhara’s stock plummeted. Chinese people are finding it difficult to follow her on her newly established Twitter account.

Fukuhara has given up on Japan, where she was heavily bashed, and considers China, where she enjoys strong popularity, to be her “home,” but it appears that she will be forced to revise that policy.

However, he may be forced to make a change. “Sighs are escaping from those in the Japanese industry who have backed Fukuhara, relying on his popularity in China. Fukuhara’s ex-wife is in a ‘dispute’ with her boyfriend’s ex-wife, which will affect her domestic table tennis-related business.

However, if she pays her ex-wife alimony, it would be an admission of adultery, which is not possible. It will be some time before the issue is cleared up. Until then, her source of income will be cut off.

Even in China, where they rely on the media, there is a headwind, and in Japan, the number of anti-Japanese is increasing rapidly. The media’s response so far has been a single piece of “paper,” and he has never opened his mouth about the series of allegations. It seems that we have completely misjudged the situation.

  • Photo Yohei Nagata/Afro Sports

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