It’s not just “Nobunaga”! Takuya Kimura’s “powerful aura” that this magazine has seen | FRIDAY DIGITAL

It’s not just “Nobunaga”! Takuya Kimura’s “powerful aura” that this magazine has seen

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Kim Taku coming out of the launch site of the drama “Kyobo” in August 2019. Perhaps it is the overwhelming aura that makes it so, but when Kimura works with his staff, the staff naturally surrounds him with Kimura Takuya in the center!

On November 6, Takuya Kimura (50) appeared in a cavalcade of mounted warriors at the “Gifu Nobunaga Festival,” which drew 620,000 people, the largest crowd in the event’s history, which dates back to 1953. The lottery for the day’s spectator seating drew 960,000 applicants for the 15,000 available seats, and the number of people who did not win the lottery was so great that the festival had to hastily open up a space that had been closed to the public. The economic effect of the festival is said to be 3.9 billion yen.

The news of the Nobunaga Festival was the only bright spot in a turbulent week for the Johnny’s s office, with the announcement of Hideaki Takizawa’s resignation on the 1st and the departure of three members from King&Prince on the 4th. The news of the “Nobunaga Festival” was the only bright topic. It was a great opportunity to show once again the presence of Mr. Kimura and to impress upon the audience what a superstar he is, who can attract such a large number of people simply by parading in a procession dressed as a mounted warrior,” said a reporter from a sports newspaper.

Kimura has reached the level of Ken Takakura and Yujiro Ishihara. However, his “off-duty face” also foreshadows the star he is today.

He has never been photographed in a so-called “love affair. It is a well-known story that Kimura was in a nine-year relationship with a former model before he married Shizuka Kudo in 2000. Naturally, at the time, the media was chasing after them to get a shot of the two of them together. And since he is a top idol, there were many other rumors that were a mixture of falsehood and fact, but no one ever caught him in the act. Usually, the office has a driver to take you to and from the office, but he said that he takes the wheel himself. The photographers who were chasing him felt as if they were being watched every move he made, and they couldn’t do anything about it.

Entertainment reporter Takayuki Jyoshita explains why Kimura was never photographed.

He has always been popular since the 1980s, so he probably thought someone was always watching him. He never did anything strange because he knew he was being watched, and he got into the habit of checking his surroundings even when he was just going home after work. Perhaps he is someone who only needs one person to fall in love with, and he is not interested in cheating or anything like that in the first place. Shizuka, who originally married him because she herself was a fan, is the type of person who will devote herself to her partner, so I think he has no reason to go out and play more and more.

It was announced that the “Kyobo” series will be broadcast next spring on Fuji Television as a serial drama “Kazama Kochin – Kyobo 0-“. This will be Kimutaku’s 11th starring role on “Tsuki 9. Kimutaku’s “legend” seems to be continuing.

In April 2000, Kimutaku and Shizuka Kudo were on a prenuptial trip to Tanegashima. Even through his sunglasses, the photographer felt he was very powerful.
A two-shot with Tsuyoshi Shinjo, 50, the current manager of Nippon Ham, that appeared in the January 2002 issue. In contrast to Shinjo’s smiling face when he noticed the camera, Kimutaku’s face is very powerful.
Kimura on location for “Ando Roido” in December 2001. Kimura’s expression conveys the tense atmosphere of the scene.
Kimura’s face right after the launch of the hit TV drama “Hero” in August 2002. He has a look on his face when he spots the camera.
In 2006, Kim Taku heads to his favorite bar with his wife, Shizuka Kudo. Even at a distance, they seem to be much bigger than their physical size.
  • Photo Kojiro Yamada, Masatoshi Okauchi, Takayuki Komatsuhiro, Keisuke Nishi, Takero Yuzuru, Sumio Todoroki

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